On their Kickstarter campaign page, Fix Manufacturing states “No tool is worth anything if you don’t have it when you need it”, so they’ve come up with a handy way to ensure you have a multi-tool on hand all the time- they’ve built it into a belt buckle. Fix manufacturing’s line of compact multi-tools are designed specifically for action sports enthusiasts, with three different models intended for snowboarders, skateboarders, and bike riders.

As long as you wear pants or shorts while you skate, snowboard or ride you can conveniently carry a few key tools without adding extra bulk to your kit. Of course most cyclists don’t wear belts while pedalling, so the bike tool isn’t intended for trail or road riders covering long distances, but rather dirt jumpers/street riders/BMXers who usually ride in casual clothes. However, if you like the design and functions you can always buy the tool without the belt…

If you’re a snowboarder you might want to check out Fix’s Powder Pliers, and if you skateboard the Board Sword might be up your alley, but for this article we’ll focus on the details of the bike tool, which has been dubbed the Wheelie Wrench.

Any of these multi-tools can be clipped into the buckle on Fix’s All-Time Belt, which uses a leaf spring to keep the tool securely held in place. The buckle also happens to feature a bottle opener cut-out (a critical accessory for any occassion)! The woven nylon belt comes in one length and is intended to be cut-to-fit, and the cam-style buckle clamps onto it anywhere.

Fix manufacturing wheelie wrench, apart

Now if you don’t wear a belt or want a multi-tool sitting at your waistline, Fix’s products can simply be considered as another option in the sport-specific, compact multi-tool market. The creator acknowledges that pedalling long distances probably wouldn’t be too comfortable while wearing this buckle, and furthermore many MTB or road riding shorts don’t even have belt loops. But for BMX riders or dirt jumpers who often ride in jeans or street clothes, it’s definitely a clever concept.

Fix manufacturing wheelie wrench, with title

The bike-specific Wheelie Wrench includes 2-6mm hex keys (plus a 2.5mm), T10 and T25 Torx bits, #2 Phillips and Flathead screwdriver bits, a tire lever, 8 and 10mm box wrenches, an open ended 15mm wrench, and four spoke wrenches. Unfortunately there isn’t any information published about what the tools are made from and how- they appear to have a nice finish but it would be great to know more about the materials and construction.

Fix manufacturing belt with multi-tool

Supporters can currently pre-order a Wheelie Wrench tool for $30 USD, or for $70 you can buy the tool, an All-Time Belt and a Fix Manufacturing trucker hat. Shipping is available worldwide. There’s only a few more days left for Fix to meet their Kickstarter funding goal, but they’re currently not too far from it so if you like the idea pledge your support to the campaign here.



  1. myke2241 on

    Cool idea but they don’t need Kickstarter. They should create a website, take preorders and roll from there.

    • TheKaiser on

      Myke, curious to hear more about your take on this. Obviously Kickstarter takes a cut of the funds raised, but I think the common assumption is that KS will more than make up for it with the increased eyeshare vs. going it alone. What makes your opinion differ?

  2. Shmuel Tal on

    If only bike manufactures would build bikes with two size of hex or torxs screws (3mm + 5mm), we would need only two size tools.

  3. Erich on

    686 used to (still does?) make a belt with a buckle made of tools for snowboarding. However, this looks more refined and practical than their solution, even if it does look a bit dorky. If it’s good enough to save a few runs on the trail or mountain, I say it’s worth it.


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