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Down but not out. That phrase is important to remember for any of us after suffering an injury. Fortunately, most injuries are less serious and require less time off the bike, but every once in a while there are those that aren’t so quick and easy to come back from. Martyn Ashton knows that better than most. After establishing himself as a world trials champion, a crash left him paralyzed from the waist down.

Fortunately for Ashton, his friends made sure he was only down, but not out. While he still doesn’t have full use of his legs, the ability to ride a lap down the Fort William Downhill World Cup course was made possible thanks so some special equipment…

It’s great to see you riding again Martyn. Keep up the healing!

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It’s a mountain bike party with Martyn Ashton at Fort William, following on from Martyn’s incredible Road Bike Party series, Martyn takes on the Fort William Downhill World Cup course on his very special bike.

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“The Fort William course is so iconic and challenging, that this started off as joke and very soon became reality…”

Martyn Ashton is back in the saddle for his latest film, a rip-roaring ride down one of the world’s most challenging downhill bike trails at the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup in Nevis Range, Fort William.

The course is arguably the toughest course on the Downhill World Cup circuit is feared by many able-bodied pros. It requires strength, lightning, superior bike control and nerves of steel.

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  1. Legend, he really is. And kudos to Rob, Gee and Danny also …. turning something that could have been a been a bit mawkish into something properly entertaining. Good skillz all round.

  2. What a guy. Always stoked to see that smile on his face, and what a positive attitude! An inspiration on so many levels!!!!

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