There’s matching, and then there’s matching. For those riders who are into everything featuring that perfect Pantone (and that own a Santa Cruz Hightower in Mint), ENVE’s latest limited edition looks to be a perfect match. The LE kit also gives riders planning to purchase a Hightower an ideal chance to roll both wheel sizes – buy the bike with 27+ and then add the ENVE 29″ kit along with a different fork and you’re ready to go.

Like other ENVE Limited Edition sets, the M60 HV collection above will be available for the month of August, only to be replaced by a new kit for September. The 29″ hoops feature a 26/32mm internal/external wide rim that is laced to a 28h Chris King Boost 6 bolt hubset with a Shimano freehub. There are no substitutions here so you had better make sure the hubs will work with your bike – if this is for the Hightower above, then it’s a given. The ‘California Dreamin’ color scheme continues to the included ENVE riser bar for even more matching bling. Coming in at 1731g for the wheel set, the $2900 kit also includes an ENVE double padded wheel bag, an extra set of custom LE wheel decals, and a LE 5 panel hat.


  1. Right, because after I’ve $8k on my shiny new bike I’ll obviously want to drop another $3k on some matching wheels and another $1200 on a second fork.


  2. Honestly, I just want the stickers. Sell me the stickers for the usual overpriced 20-30USD and I’ll be very happy and will gladly pay the overpriced price!

    2900USD for changing colors, is a bit crazy.

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