Craig Edwards’ eeBrakes are among the best rim brake calipers out there, but they’ve always been produced in limited quantities. Cane Creek has taken over sales, marketing and manufacturing of the product, and the two parties have agreed to collaborate on future product development.

“In a previous life I had the good fortune to be project lead for a couple of uber bikes developed in conjunction with an F1 constructor”, says Cane Creek President, Brent Graves. “As the bikes were to sell for more than USD $20,000, we wanted something beyond the available top tier groups. After a lot of surprises and disappointments with the exotic parts on the market, we were blown away by Craig’s brake design and thoroughness. While it had the price and weight of the other exotics, it did not compromise on performance, reliability, or adjustment. From there Craig and I vowed to find a way to work together in the future.”

Edwards will remain involved with the product and the brand and work with Cane Creek to develop more products. For now, the updated original eeBrake calipers and the more recently introduced direct mount versions, will start funneling through Cane Creek as of November 2016. Retail is $315 each, front and rear sold separately.


  1. maybe they can mount a proper legal action against trek for stealing his design.

    -these are the best brakes in the business; i hope they continue to maintain them that way.

    • Really? Which brakes are similar? Not the brakes in the Madone which are no more similar than any two, dual pivots on the market

      • Look at the EEs and the SpeedStops side by side. The SpeedStops are VERY similar, just chunkier and not as elegant. I don’t know what intellectual property protections Craig had in place. If he didn’t have any it’s not illegal to use his design, just immoral. It’s also possible that Trek licensed the design from him.

        My six year old original EEs have been totally reliable and after lots of use, perform the same now as they did when new. Best weight weenie part ever. Craig’s service was excellent as well. A couple years after sending me a set of ligher return springs he emailed me to ask how they were working out (well). I hope service will remain as good under Cane Creek.

        • well there’s no reduction in price for their mass production capacity…so you are still paying boutique prices for a mass produced set of brakes…hopefully the service IS still good…

    • Btw I agree that direct mount brakes are a pleasure to use. Maybe disc for carbon rims in wet climates, but direct mount for every other application and condition… Much cleaner, easier to operate and maintain, and look way way better.

  2. I guess my hopes that the price for EE’s brakes would come down a bit with Cane Creek’s purchase were unrealistic. I guess that means it’s back to knocking off the inlaws for their insurance money then.

  3. plus one on how nice the ee’s are. Not only do they function superbly and weight almost nothing, they design is just elegant. There’s a reason Specialized spec’d them on the McLaren bikes. They are not cheap, that’s the big down side. Craig is a classic american genius though, and just a great one-man show with everything including customer service.

  4. I’m sure they work great, probably the best out there as many sources claim, but God at they ugly. And as someone who keeps a meticulous bike, I can’t imagine what cleaning them is like…

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