Eurobike 2016-12

Boost is here and it’s time for MRP to enter the game. Rather than just adding a new width to their current Stage fork, the crew in Grand Junction have come up with an all new suspension fork that builds in almost every option you could want. Based on the success of the Stage, we anticipate the Ribbon will set an all new precedent for MRP’s suspension performance…

Eurobike 2016-8

You can’t look at the new Ribbon without at least noticing the Outcast arch. While most forks have the casting reinforcements on the backside of the arch, MRP decided to change things up a bit. Not only does the Outcast design give it a totally unique look, it also should keep the arch from filling with mud.

Eurobike 2016-19

Along with bulges at the bushings and 35mm stanchions, the Ribbon lowers also feature PSST pressure relief valves that are typically found on longer travel forks. Based on how much abuse enduro forks are put through these days, the addition of bleed valves for high altitude or aggressive riding should be welcomed.

Eurobike 2016-18

Up top the fork sees low speed compression adjust with 8 positions, as well as their built in 18 position ramp control.

Eurobike 2016-10 Eurobike 2016-9

Rather than using volume adjust spacers to change the spring rate, MRP goes about the same task with an adjustable one way valve. By adjusting the knob up top, you are slowly making the valve smaller which makes it harder for the air to cycle through the valve giving it a much more progressive end strokes. The same ramp control is now also available as a drop in cartridge for RockShox 35mm forks which takes the place of their Bottomless Tokens. The cartridge itself is about the equivalent of one Bottomless Token, and adjusted to max will work similar to 4-5 tokens, but the big advantage is the adjustability without having to open up your fork. This may only appeal to suspension fanatics as the $150 price tag may be a bit steep, but  for those looking for the most adjustability and also the most progressive end stroke, the 55g cartridge may be the answer.

On the Ribbon, the same ramp control is built in without a cartridge and offers the same 18 clicks of adjustment.

Eurobike 2016-21

Eurobike 2016-15 Eurobike 2016-14

Other details include external rebound and positive/negative air adjust and a bladder free damper which relies on an internal floating piston for lighter, simpler damping assembly. Offered in 27.5 and 29/27.5+” versions, each will have a tooled or QR Boost 110 x 15 axle option. The 27.5 fork will be adjustable from 140-170mm with clearance for 2.6″ tires, while the 29/27.5+ fork will come in 120-150mm travel with 27.5 x 3.0/29 x 2.6″ tire clearance. Both versions are internally adjustable in 5mm increments, and an 1860g claimed weight and $989 retail.

Eurobike 2016-3

Other news from MRP includes new oval chainring models which use their Wave tooth pattern. The rings will be available in 104 BCD (32, 34), SRAM direct mount (30, 32, and 34t), as well as Cinch with adjustable clocking (30, 32, and 34t). There will also be boost specific direct mount models for SRAM and Cinch.

Eurobike 2016

Finally, in a trend we’re starting to see emerge at the show, MRP is launching a 1x chain guide for braze on front derailleur mounts. The adjustable guide may be of use to those going 1x on the road who still want the security of an upper guide.


    • Callum on

      I ride a stage now and trust me you will not be dissapointed. By the sounds of it this fork is dedicated as boost spacing. The fully adjustable air spring and revised damper will be found on 2017 stage forks. However there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the stage.


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