Hiding in plain sight in the Cosmic Sports booth at Eurobike, were two completely new tires from 45NRTH. Officially launched today, the new Wrathchild adds an aggressive studded tire to their fat bike tire line up, but more importantly, it adds a new category of tires for 45NRTH – Plus. Until now, most of their tires have been of the fat variety with a few commuter tires thrown in for good measure. In terms of studded tires, a studded plus tire has been one of the most requested, and it looks like it’s finally here just in time for winter…



Designed to take the new 45NRTH XL Concave Aluminum carbide stud, the Wrathchild certainly makes good on the ‘aggressive’ studded title. The special studs use base as their current studs (so they are cross compatible), but offer a massive carbide tip that is concave to really dig into the ice and snow. Unfortunately for fans or 29+, the Wrathchild will initially be available in only 27.5 x 3.0″ with a 120 tpi ultralight casing that is tubeless ready.  The tread pattern itself is a deep, square lugged design with tall side knobs for cornering on mixed terrain.



Wrathchild will also be available as a 26 x 4.6″ fat bike tire bringing even more tenacious grip to the table. Again using a 120 tpi folding, tubeless ready casing, the fat Wrathchild can handle 224 XL Concave studs and uses a similar blocky tread pattern. Calling it a tubeless ready Dunderbeist meets Dillinger, the Wrathchild should be well suited to loose over hardpack snow and ice.

The XL studs themselves will also be available in packs of 25 or 100 to replace lost studs, or stud your current tires. Check with your local 45NRTH dealer for pricing and availability.




    • QBP pricing includes a complete warranty replacement. They call it “awesome service”, but you’ve already purchased it twice anyway.

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