The thinking at Vadolibero goes something like this… Why spend a bunch of money on a beautiful high-end bike only to have it languishing in the garage or leaned up against the wall somewhere? When instead it can be the centerpiece in your home or office. While it may be a bit over the top to put a Bike Shelf cabinet like this in your living room, it does offer some well organized storage, and to be fair anyone forking out for Super Record EPS on a custom-made bike, or even Dura-Ace Di2, probably could foot the bill for one of these storage solutions.

But at the same time if you are looking for something a bit more affordable, Vadolibero has updated their free-standing rack the Bike Butler S with a new version that’ll let you crank up the tunes while you get ready for a ride. Then for the first time in an actually reasonably priced storage option, they have a new stainless steel Bike Safe wall mount that combines clean styling with a secure lock to keep your bike safe while you are away…


OK, starting at 3300€ this isn’t really that attainable, but it looks pretty and lights up. Actually built out here with the optional side shelf and extra drawers down below, it’d be more like 4700€. That’s what you get for bike furniture designed in Milan and built to order. At least it includes free shipping in Europe.

vadolibero_bike-butler-c_free-standing-premium-wood-bicycle-displaystorage-cabinet vadolibero_bike-butler-x_free-standing-premium-wood-bicycle-displaystorage-cabinet

The Bike Butler is a shade more affordable. At 1300€ for the most basic Bike Butler C version on the left, you get a free-standing wood cabinet on a painted steel tubular frame, with places inside to store keys, gloves, shoes, and some tools. Plus it gets an internal wiring organizer so you can charge your phone, GPS, or Di2 without as much of a tangle of wires. 300€ more gets you the Bike Butler X that swaps in a satin stainless steel base and adds a hand stitched leather tray for your goodies on top and leather pad to rest your toptube on inside.

vadolibero_bike-butler-s_free-standing-premium-wood-bicycle-displaystereostorage-cabinet_open vadolibero_bike-butler-s_free-standing-premium-wood-bicycle-displaystereostorage-cabinet_leather-tray

New this fall is the Bike Butler S which builds in a mini Pioneer sound system to pump out music while you get ready to ride. It connects wirelessly through Bluetooth, so no need to plug in. It also includes a wireless charging block for even more cable-free functionality. The new tech brings the Butler S price up to a whopping 2200€, but at least it does manage to maintain almost all of the storage capacity of the lesser models.

A big draw of the Bike Butlers are their free-standing nature. But if you’d rather hang one on the wall, Vadolibero will make one for you without the tubular steel base if you get in touch with them.

vadolibero_bike-safe_premium-stainless-steel-bicycle-racklock_leather-protector vadolibero_bike-safe_premium-stainless-steel-bicycle-racklock_rotating-tray

Maybe the most reasonable product in Vadolibero’s catalog is their new Bike Safe, for no other reason than the price is more within reach for most bike owners.

Trimmed back to the basics, it is a solidly built 304 stainless steel loop bracket to hang your bike by the toptube. Connected by a telescoping adjustable arm that you bolt to a solid wall, the Bike Safe then has a wide-opening shackle that gets secured by an anti-picking lock cylinder. If you live by the coast and need an even more resistant stainless for outdoor use, Vadolibero can even make one out of marine 316 stainless.


The bracket rotates to work with whatever toptube slope your bike has and uses a Technogel pad to both provide grip and protect the frame. You’ll still need to balance it in place when you put the bike on the rack.

Still with a strong focus on style and premium materials, the Bike Safe isn’t cheap at 250€. An optional leather kit will be also available for a bit more luxury.


  1. I like the Bike Safe. Pretty simple, but seems like a solid lock. But at 280 USD, that’s up there! Also, still doesn’t protect things like wheels and other QR parts. Some people’s wheels cost more than their frame!

      • Yeah, I have 8. Most are “fancy” (ok, just expensive). They hang upside down in my garage on $3 home depot definitely-unfancy hooks. Then I go abuse the crap out of them like a real cyclist. My art collection hangs on my walls.

  2. Talk about a niche product! I can’t imagine this turning a profit.
    the product itself, like some of the bikes that would be stored in it, is just too precious.

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