In spite of the tragic circumstances surrounding the death of Dave Mirra, Miracle Boy continues to inspire. After Mirra had retired from BMX and Ben Bostrom had retired from morotcycle racing, the two formed a deep friendship through an unlikely event – training for (and winning) the Race Across America as part of a four man team with Dave Zabriskie and Micky Dymond.

As Ben recounts in this touching video, the two made a goal to qualify for Ironman Kona though both failed to make it for 2015. Obviously, Mirra never made it to the start line, but Bostrom not only qualified, but finished the grueling event with a tribute to Mirra along for the ride…

All photos c. Specialized

specialized-dave-mirra-tribute-ben-bostrom-kona-ironman-6 specialized-dave-mirra-tribute-ben-bostrom-kona-ironman-5

In the days since his passing, it was revealed that Dave Mirra suffered from CTE or Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. More research research than ever is being done to find the links between concussions, CTE, and the effects on the mind, and while it’s too late for Mirra, his legacy will help others. Specialized will be auctioning off the gold Dave Mirra themed Specialized Shiv that Bostrom rode in Kona in the near future with all of the proceeds going to CTE research in Dave’s name. Details on the auction will be coming soon.



    • When does “getting the word out” cross the line into “marketing” (assuming ‘marketing’ is the devil you imply it is)?

      • Well, I’m sure the people at Spesh know that “good PR” is also good advertising, but nothing about this screams “muhhahah capitalize on this guy’s death to make MONEY!!!” So it’s a little bit of both, I’m sure Spesh is coming at this from a good place, but also the PR they will get from this will help their brand as well. If it wasn’t them, I’m sure another manufacturer would have done the same.

        And I’m all for spreading the word if the end result is getting a bigger number on the auction for that bike. If all the money is going toward CTE research, then I’m all for it.

  1. Ben Bostrom has been sponsored by Specialized for years, so it’s not like they just jumped on the bandwagon. Good for Ben, he’s always been a good dude.

  2. How about Wow really cool and raw. Not marketing at all really maybe last 10 sec shows the bike. I wish our world would look through more opomistic eyes rather than jump to negativity and complaints. The bostrom brothers have done tons of great hints like this over the years from what I can tell. Good on you guys and Specialized for caring.
    P.s I’m far from a specialized guy and don’t are about that side of it.
    Ride in peace DM

  3. Only thing I’ll add is it needs gold pedals.

    Heading to NC in a few weeks to ride, wish Dave was able to be there.

    Thank you for doing this Ben


  4. I have a close friend that worked with Ben Bostrom from many years when he was racing motorbikes. The guy was serious good on a motorbike. These are his words.

    “Ben is absolutely one of the best human beings I ever had the pleasure to work with in racing. Never negative, always serious when he needed to be and always joyful and filled with wonder at how the world worked. Almost a kind of innocence, really.

    Not many men have the courage to pour out their feelings and vulnerability in public for all the world to see.”

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