Lately, my morning commute to early classes has me thinking more about visibility and water resistance. But style has always ranked highly as well. Levi Strauss & Co. may be able to help people in similar situations with new iterations of their commuter lineup. Reflective tape accents most of the gear, while durable and water-repellent fabrics surround the rider, not to mention the bike focused fit is better for riding…


Levi’s new men’s commuter lineup consists of 511 active & slim fit jeans, 511 trousers, Echelon windbreaker, Trucker & Bomber jackets, graphic tees, and zip hoodies. Each sporting a variety of features including reflective properties, 4-way stretch fabrics, water repellent, and breath-ability. Regardless of the garment, they’re all inspired by Levi’s classic design.

All of the 511 pants get a strap to hold a U-Lock, reinforced pockets, and durable blends of fabrics. The Trucker & Bomber jackets have interior pockets and zipper side pockets. The biggest difference between the two is the Bomber’s insulated while the Trucker is lighter and breathable. Next, the windbreaker has a lightweight and packable nylon build, drawstring hood, ventilated back, and adjustable cuffs. Lastly, their hoodie offers 4-season breathability, a quarter zip front, and a low drop back.

Prices: $100 ( 511 Slim fit jeans) : $100 (Slim fit trousers) : $130 (Windbreaker) :  $180 (Trucker Jacket) : $250 (Bomber Jacket) : $100 (Hoodie) : $40 (Graphic Tee)


Women will also be getting fresh tees, jackets, hoodies, and jeans this fall. Similar to the men’s, the 721 High Rise and 710 Super Skinny jeans feature a four-way stretch denim, reflective tape on the cuffs, water/dirt repellent, and durable materials. The women’s Trucker jacket gets a hood, ventilated back, and extended sleeves for coverage while riding. They also get a hooded rain jacket that has an extended waist and sleeves, two layers of water repellent nylon, and a snap up front with magnetic pockets.

Prices: $110 (Super Skinny) : $90 (High Rise) : $160 (Rain Shell) : $150 (Hooded Trucker) : $50 (Perfect Tee)


Rounding off the accessories are roll-top backpacks and messenger bags. Both packs get a nylon build that’s water-repellent, leather accents, and reflective details. The Backpack also gets internal pockets, side pockets, and dimensions of 32x48x15 cm. The Messenger has internal pockets with a padded laptop area, external lock storage, reversible shoulder strap, and sizes in at 34x48x12 cm.

Price: $170 (Roll-top Pack) : $100 (Messenger Pack)


  1. My legs are too big for their pants and my waist is too small for their shirts. Make clothes for commuters, not people who want to dress like commuters.

    • After spending some time riding/commuting in one of their commuter series jackets, I can honestly say that they don’t even sort of compare to the utility of wearing something from a company that caters exclusively to cyclists. I traded it out for an Endura jacket and got a lot more breathability, flexibility, and only gained a couple of nerd points for the look.

      I’de rather be dry and warm, than “cool” and thinking about rubbing embro on my upper body just to make it through a rough commute.

  2. Maybe the product isn’t there yet, but on the positive side it’s pretty awesome that a company like Levi’s is thinking about commuters at all. This can only be good for the world we live in, and maybe the value of these products is much more to get Levi’s customers onto bikes than it is to get existing commuters into Levi’s clothes.

    • Good point Gerard!

      On an unrelated note, I’d like to say that I really like Levis commuter products. I commute most of the year to work in Calgary, and more often than not I stop in at local shops, pubs, etc on the way home. The thing I like about Levis products is that I look ‘normal’ when walking around the grocery store to grab milk on the way home or sitting on a patio with friends. They’ve made it way easier to confidently do these things, which is more efficient than riding home, changing, then driving to the store! 😉

    • Ps- good to see t hat you’re still reading these types of websites Gerard! I’m a big fan of your work and your contributions to the industry in general! As a young Canadian engineer I always dreamed about working with you, back when Cervelo was just ‘blowing up’! Maybe someday 😉

    • They’ve been at it for a few years. I remember Levi’s started its Commuter product line sometime in 2010.

      I had a pair of their 508 Commuter slacks a year ago. Nice touches, such as reflective tape peeking out of the pant leg and exposed when rolled up, and the fabric had some water repellency. However, there wasn’t any reinforcement around the crotch and seat area. I know a lot of bike commuters that wear holes through perfectly good pairs of pants and shorts just by riding a bike regularly.

      From what I’ve read here, it looks like Levi’s still hasn’t implemented any reinforcement. A minor shame.

  3. I have some relaxed fit levi commuter jeans to fit my racer legs. The problem with them is that they don’t have the same gusseted crotch that the toothpick leg version (511) has. I always blow out my jeans in the crotch from saddle wear. Not worth buying nice jeans if they don’t hold up.

    • This sums up my experience with my 508 Commuter trousers too. Eventually I just decided to bike-commute in lycra, where wearing holes in pants’ seats isn’t the problem that it is with regular pants.

  4. There is nothing “safe” about dark grey clothing for cycling.
    That said, I have one of their commuter jackets which I like…just not so much for cycling

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