Can’t decide between clips and flats? Whatever your reasoning, if you’re looking for a bit of both worlds, HT’s new D1 might bet he answer. Essentially a single sided X2 DH clipless pedal, the D1 adds a studded flat side to let you choose the appropriate footwear. The pedal also benefits from HT’s new EVO+ bearing system which can be found on all of their pedals for durable, long lasting pedaling performance…


ht-pedals-d1-m1-clipless-street-track-fixie-pedalseurobike-2016-88 ht-pedals-d1-m1-clipless-street-track-fixie-pedalseurobike-2016-91

Using the same shape as the X2, the D1 runs a 6061 CNCd aluminum body that measures 80x90mm with a 14mm platform at the center. Using the same clipless system as their other pedals, the pedal is compatible with their X1 or X1F cleat for 4° or 8° of float. Both sides of the pedal features replaceable traction pins, though the clipless side only uses 5 pins compared to the 9 on the platform side.




Also found on the other pedals in their range, the D1 uses the new EVO+ bearing system which replaces the EVO system. In order to increase the pedal’s durability, the CNC scm435 chromoly axles now spin on proprietary needle bearings and IGUS bushings. That brings the weight of the pedals to 388g per pair with a retail price of $145.


Even though HT has always been popular with the enduro/DH crowd, the XC/CX population should like their new M1 XC. Listed at 298g per set, the pedals will also have a Ti axle option to drop the weight down to 252g – though Ti axles do carry a 187lb weight limit. Built with the new EVO+ axle system, the pedals use the same X1/X1F cleats and sell for $129/229.


Standard plate (left) vs. SX Plate (right). Note the additional tab on the SX plate at the top of the spring which keeps it from moving.


HT pedals were a popular choice for the Rio Olympics (with 4 medals), especially when you have your own custom pedal. Essentially the same T1 or X2 pedals, some BMX racers were using their new SX Plate which essentially immobilizes the front plate of the clipless system for a more aggressive hold. Available as the T1-SX or X2-SX, hop up kits will also be available for current pedals. The hop up kit includes a new spring and two SX plates.

ht-pedals-d1-m1-clipless-street-track-fixie-pedalseurobike-2016-95 ht-pedals-d1-m1-clipless-street-track-fixie-pedalseurobike-2016-97

ht-pedals-d1-m1-clipless-street-track-fixie-pedalseurobike-2016-98 ht-pedals-d1-m1-clipless-street-track-fixie-pedalseurobike-2016-99

HT also had a number of commuter and fixed gear pedals on display that may or may not make it to the U.S. Partially just to show what HT is capable of, the pedals may show up if there is enough demand.


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