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Sitting at your office wondering when 80° temperatures in November will give way to cold and snow? Us too. It might not be here yet, but we hear that winter is coming. And when it arrives, 45NRTH has the answer with their latest soft goods – the Naughtvind system. Indicated by how many times we’ve seen this collection in the prototype stage, 45NRTH’s designers did not take this task lightly. For their first attempt at a full winter apparel system, it needed to be perfect.

Now, it looks like they’re happy with the results and the Naughtvind bibs, pants, and jacket have been released into the wild…

45nrth-naughtvind-winter-cycling-fat-biking-clothing-system-cold-weather-pants-bibs-jacket-10 45nrth-naughtvind-winter-cycling-fat-biking-clothing-system-cold-weather-pants-bibs-jacket-9

Built as a system, the lower half of the kit is a modular two piece design. Both the 4/5 bibs and the pant can be worn alone, or they can be combined for the harshest conditions. Just what is a 4/5 bib? 45NRTH didn’t want extra material bunching up around your ankles where you would typically have bibs overlapping your socks, right where your boots hit. So these bibs stop just short of where your socks and footwear typically end for a more comfortable fit.

45nrth-naughtvind-winter-cycling-fat-biking-clothing-system-cold-weather-pants-bibs-jacket-5 45nrth-naughtvind-winter-cycling-fat-biking-clothing-system-cold-weather-pants-bibs-jacket-7


Since they’re meant to be worn on their own or as liners for the pants, the bibs feature Schoeller fabric at key areas like the knees, crotch, and hips to block cold, wind, and repel water when worn on their own. There are also reflective accents on the back of the legs to keep you visible. The rest of the bibs are constructed from merino wool for moisture wicking and warmth, with a few mesh panels on the back for breathability. For cycling comfort, the bibs include an EIT Bastogne chamois and have a chest zipper to make getting into them a bit easier.

45nrth-naughtvind-winter-cycling-fat-biking-clothing-system-cold-weather-pants-bibs-jacket-12 45nrth-naughtvind-winter-cycling-fat-biking-clothing-system-cold-weather-pants-bibs-jacket-1


The pants are then constructed mostly out of Schoeller fabric for its stretchy, wind blocking, and breathable properties, though the pants still feature large thigh vents with zippers to dump heat in a hurry. Along with articulated, gusseted knees and crotch for pedaling, the legs include zippered, expandable leg openings that will fit over 45NRTH boots. Waist adjustment is kept simple with a hook and webbing system that is said to cut down on bulk.

45nrth-naughtvind-winter-cycling-fat-biking-clothing-system-cold-weather-pants-bibs-jacket-4 45nrth-naughtvind-winter-cycling-fat-biking-clothing-system-cold-weather-pants-bibs-jacket-3

45nrth-naughtvind-winter-cycling-fat-biking-clothing-system-cold-weather-pants-bibs-jacket-6 45nrth-naughtvind-winter-cycling-fat-biking-clothing-system-cold-weather-pants-bibs-jacket-8

The system is completed with the Naughtvind jacket. Again, constructed from Schoeller material, the jacket includes an asymmetrical zipper to create a collar system that is more comfortable and more protective. When not using the full collar, you can snap it to the side to keep it from getting in the way of your beard/face. Venting is provided through a back vent that is always open but protected from the elements, and additional pit zips. The back of the jacket also includes three pockets while the front adds another zippered pocket that is still accessible while using a hydration pack. As with the rest of the collection, reflective panels help you stay visible at night.

Available in XS-XL, each piece is sold individually, with pricing set at $295 for the bibs, $275 for the pants, and $350 for the jacket. It’s pricey, but the whole kit still comes in just barely cheaper than the two piece Specialized x 686 collection and should offer a bit more versatility (though we’re assuming the Specialized kit will be more waterproof). We should be getting a first hand look at this kit in December, so expect our actual impressions when the snow starts to fly! Naughtvind will be available this week through your local 45NRTH dealer.



  1. Mike Williams on

    +1 for the 4/5 design…I am surprised that it took so long for a manufacturer to figure out that if you wear proper calf length winter boots and winter socks, tights add too much bulk around the lower leg (and if they have zippers either the zipper gets broken or the boot liner gets cut up) and knickers aren’t long enough to overlap the socks. I used scissors to hack up an old pair of cycling tights 5 years ago as an experiment and then got my wife to sew a proper hem on them.

  2. Ryan S on

    I wish I needed this gear. I bought some killer 45nrth boots a few years ago and have yet to get to use them. Our “winters” haven’t even gotten cold enough to kill off bugs, so instead of cold weather we get year round bug infestations that are compounded each year without the kill off. Time to trade my cold weather gear in for full bodysuit bug nets.

  3. Tman on

    The Asymmetrical zipper on the jacket is a great feature. I have a fleece pullover with this touch from about 25 years ago, keeps the cold zipper away from skin and beard hair!

  4. Markus on

    I know, black is stylish and customers probably demand it. However, reflective panels do not help at twilight. Or during daylight when you have a sudden change of light conditions. For example when ride from open land into a forest. Adding the pest of smartphones behind the steering wheels, there can’t be too much visibility. Black does not really help.

    But I know, black is cool.

    • 45NRTH - Kurt on

      Hi Markus – These are definitely valid points. As a small brand, we don’t have the ability to order large quantities of fabric so we are limited to standard colors. I agree that with more people paying less attention on the road, visibility is a huge concern. We incorporated the reflective materials to help with that.

      And black is cool.

  5. Sylvie on

    I saw these in my local bike store, and as someone who bikes in -25C they are very appealing. I was just wondering if they are unisex.

    • Jill on

      The pants are phenomenal! At 5’2″ they’re a little long for me, but once I put my boots on and the pant leg falls on the outside of the boot, they’re good. No dragging on the ground at all! I got the XS knickers and the XS jacket but got the S pants because I have a booty and big legs. They’re very comfortable! The web/hook feature works better than a belt because you can cinch it at the waist and there’s nothing big and uncomfortable when you bend at the waist in riding position. They breathe well and keep you dry. Big thumbs up from me!

  6. Todd Heeringa on

    Interested in the 4/5 winter bibs but at 6′-5″ in height I am worried I will still have exposed shins. Wondering with the population growing in height and size why a long version for taller riders is not offered. Hoping to find these 4/5 tights to be long enough.


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