Ceramicspeed limited edition OSPW system, charity promo pic

Denmark’s ceramic bearing specialists CeramicSpeed are no strangers to Bikerumor, as we’ve checked out many of thier products including ti pulley wheelsfreehubs and headsets before. Recently, the company decided to get in the spirit of charity by inviting road and triathlon riders to upgrade their derailleur pulleys and help people in need at the same time.

For every limited edition blue oversized pulley wheel system (OSPW) purchased through CeramicSpeed’s webshop, a whopping 40% of the product price will be donated to MORE Than Sport, a charity who provides anything from food and water to education and housing to needy people around the globe. In this case, they’re purchasing cooking stoves for underprivileged families.

If you like the idea of saving watts while being friendly to mankind, check out all the details on CeramicSpeed’s oversized pulley wheel system below…

Ceramicspeed limited edition OSPW system, on bike

The OSPW system comes assembled with an enlarged carbon fiber and polyamide cage that has built-in lubrication ports on the rear plate. CeramicSpeed’s pulley wheels are made of aluminum, and both feature 17t with a low tooth profile.

The extremely low friction ceramic bearings and the unique overall design seek to optimize your drivetrain’s efficiency for race-ready performance. This performance should last quite a while too, as CeramicSpeed claims their bearings will run 3-5 times longer than those found in standard pulley wheels.

The OSPW system is also sold with red and black pulleys (plus the occasional special edition color), but right now why not go with blue and help those in need? Showing you care is always a good look!

Ceramicspeed limited edition OSPW system, Tim Don riding shot

CeramicSpeed’s hand-made products seem to be proving themselves rather well in real-world scenarios- In addition to a long list of previous race victories, the company’s oversized pulley system was the preferred equipment for a few racers at Kona this year including Tim Don (pictured above), Jodie Swallow, Frederik Van Lierde and Asa Lundstrom.

Ceramicspeed limited edition OSPW system, Sram type Ceramicspeed limited edition OSPW system, Sram type, red pulleys

CeramicSpeed has two versions of the OSPW system for Sram drivetrains- One works with eTap and the other is intended for mechanical groupsets. Both the mechanical and eTap compatible Sram models sell for $499 USD with non-coated bearings and $599 with coated bearings. All color options, including the limited edition blue, are the same price.

Ceramicspeed limited edition OSPW system, Shimano type, Ceramicspeed limited edition OSPW system, Shimano type, in box

For Shimano riders, OSPW systems are compatible with Ultegra and Dura-Ace 10 or 11 speed drivetrains and like the Sram versions mechanical and electronic types are offered. Again, non-coated bearing models retail at $499 and coated models go for $599.

With high-end components, it’s always nice to know that replacement parts are available. CeramicSpeed sells spare pulley wheels starting at $249 per pair.



  1. Hey, whatever it takes to convince yourself you possess any semblance of humanity after dropping six bills on a derailleur cage.

  2. Surely, if you’re after a little soul massage and not a $600 ego massage, it would be far more ethical, cost & time effective to donate the whole 600 bucks direct to the charity involved?

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