It kind of gets us every time we are reminded that Twin Six is not just a clothing company. Their unique graphic jerseys always stand out, but they’ve also built a respectable stable of no-nonsense, affordable steel & ti bikes under their Standard name. Now with autumn fully set in, they are adding a new middle-America hi-vis option to their do-it-all Rando disc brake gravel adventure bike. That’s right: Blaze orange is to Twin Six’s Minnesota homeland, as day-glo green is to the Euros. Stand out be seen this season (and not mistaken for a deer). And of course Twin Six takes it next level by combing the new bike with a matching blaze rain jacket & jersey, color matched fenders and a Purist bottle to top off the look. Take a gander after the jump…


photos courtesy Twin Six

As the leaves fall, blaze orange will keep you visible in a sea of camouflage, but really you can’t go wrong with bright orange year round. The best part is probably that the special edition Blaze Rando won’t set you back any more than the typical black or green varieties. The disc brake specific Standard Rando is built from straight gauge steel tubing and paired with a matching fork for just $600 in five sizes from 51-59cm.

It pairs a bit of classic and modern touches like a straight 1.125″ headtube, 135mm rear spacing and standard QR axles, 27.2mm seatpost, and replaceable hanger, but a PF30 BB and chainstay mounted ISO rear brake. The Rando gets a full suite of rack and fender mounts front and rear, and can fit up to a 43mm wide 700c tire or at least a 47mm on a 650B wheel. If you want to add the color matched blaze orange fenders, it’ll just set you back an additional $40.


The Rando also is available in a complete bike build that gives you some nice options for sizing frame, crank length, bar width,, and stem length. The SRAM Rival 22 complete build matched with BB7 mechanical brakes, a Fizik R5 Cyrano finishing kit, and Stan’s Notubes Grail Comp wheels will set you back $2000. (By the way if steel & orange aren’t your thing, a ti version with a carbon fork is just $1900 for the frameset.)


Of course when you buy the bike, you need the kit too. The fully waterproof polyester/polyurethane Standard Rain Jacket is probably the brightest way to be seen with the bike. In a shiny, translucent orange the $125 jacket with merino cuffs and collar will keep you dry and comfy on the bike.

twin-six_short-sleeve_forever-forward_orange_jersey_b twin-six_long-sleeve_standard_orange_jersey_b

The Forever Forward jersey gets a new orange color with two big black stripes to match the Rando’s seattube. The straightforward short sleeve jersey sells for $85, with its full length zipper, typical 3 pocket layout, and updated longer sleeves. If you are looking for an orange long sleeve jersey to match, they’ve got that too in a solid color block for $130. Twin Six doesn’t have any new orange shorts, so thankfully you can stick with something simple and black.


Then of course 10 bucks will get you a matching Purist bottle, which is one of the most appreciated bottle types out there these days. It’s also actually an orange bottle to start, and just gets the black stripes printed on, so it should stay nice and colorfast through the seasons.


  1. Andrew on

    I’ve been drooling over the Green and Black Standard Rando for some time now as potentially the perfect year-round commuter, pit CX bike, and gravel/epic riding bike. If only the Canadian dollar wasn’t so brutal right now! I’m crossing my fingers for a Black Friday sale on these frames 😛

  2. Von Kruiser on

    Aaaah, sitting here w/ my pumpkin latte at Starbeckys. Looking at my pumpkin colored bike and Twin-Chix clothes and even my orange water bottles which of course will be filled w/ more pumpkin latte before leaving. Oh, did I mention my pumpkin POK helmet and Giro Sandwich orange shoes?

    Actually that bike is beautifully simple. 650B road bike would be super fun to ride. Love orange bikes, and have two orange mtb bikes in the current stable. Just not a fan of pumpkin lattes.

    Good job on the bike.

  3. Craig on

    This had literally all the features I like: basic tubbiest, q/r dropouts, straight steerer, 27.2mm post, ISO rear brake, both rack & fender mounts. Awesome!! Then they go and use a PF BB!? That lost me straight away.


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