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Maybe you didn’t even know they were gone, but Osmo Nutrition is back. Known for their ground breaking work in the nutrition space focused around the osmolality of hydration drink mixes, Osmo gained quite a few fans the last time around.

Most notably? That would probably be Peter Sagan. As the story goes, Peter first found Osmo after meeting Ben Capron, one of Osmo’s three co-founders, at the Westlake Village Inn during a Cannondale training camp. After cramping badly on the brutally hot stage two of the Tour of California in Palm Springs, Sagan and his team requested Osmo and ended up winning stage three the next day. He’s been on the product ever since – even if that meant having people buy it for him here in the states and hand carrying it over to Europe.

During an interview at the Sagan VIP ride, Peter said, “During my career, I understood also a lot of things in cycling, what is good for you. You have to explore what is good, what kind of training you have to do, what kind of product you have to use. Because you are meeting everyday a lot of people, right? And especially the sponsors, like everybody comes to you and says ‘this is the best, this is the best.'” Naturally, with that comes a bit of skepticism. But after trying the product and seeing the results in his racing, Peter was hooked…


osmo-nutrition-relauch-peter-sagan-ben-capron-22 osmo-nutrition-relauch-peter-sagan-ben-capron-23

That brings us to the rebirth of Osmo Nutrition which is back in the hands of co-founder Ben Capron who initially left in 2013. When asked why, Ben said it was due to differences in vision on how to grow the company. Osmo’s investors saw the success of the product and wanted to rapidly scale it up and expand into markets other than cycling. Ben thought that the path should be through finding athletes who specifically needed the benefits of Osmo and to work with them to obtain the best the results. Ultimately, that didn’t mesh with the investor’s growth plans, and Ben left the company to return to Specialized.

Eventually, it seems that the plans for rapid expansion into other markets backfired, and Osmo quietly ceased operations early this year.

Photo c. Christopher Keiser

That’s when the story really gets interesting.

According to Capron, Peter Sagan actually came up with the idea to buy the company. After all, he claims to truly need it to perform his best, so he couldn’t just let it disappear. After discussing the potential sale with Capron, it seems that Sagan realized that he couldn’t just buy Osmo and have it run by itself.

“And the relationship, they changed the team and it was stopped, no?  Then I tried another product. And I was like, the Osmo was the best, right? Then I was finding a way to turn back and I was speaking with Osmo like if it’s possible, I’m gonna buy , but I never buy – just a story. But, they were like if you want we can send [it to] you, but after they were buying from all the shops in America to send me the Osmo, and it was good. It’s a good story, but it’s true.

But the cyclist, when it comes to the physical effort it is not about money or something like that, it’s about the best for you. And for me it’s very good. And then we decide to get together, and now we’re working together.” – Peter Sagan.


That led Capron and Lee Hutchinson (above, right) to buy everything back  – a move which Capron said has him all in. “I’m betting my kids’ college funds on the success of a product I really believe in,” Capron joked as he pulled away effortlessly on a climb during the Sagan VIP ride on Saturday. All joking aside, Capron and his partners are truly vested in the rebirth of the business. It has to succeed. For them, and Peter.

Photo c. Christopher Keiser

Yeah, I was training and we did all the tests. I was drinking Osmo, and I was peeing on a paper to see how much I am hydrated, right? And after that, Osmo was our sponsor on Cannondale, and it went really well. Because I did not have any more problems with my stomach, or cramps, or anything.” –  Peter Sagan


osmo-peter-sagan-vip-gran-fondo-ride-15 osmo-peter-sagan-vip-gran-fondo-ride-4

osmo-peter-sagan-vip-gran-fondo-ride-20 osmo-peter-sagan-vip-gran-fondo-ride-10

Scenes from the Sagan VIP Ride (clockwise from top) – riders lined up at Westlake Village Inn,, Jason Britton stunting at the startline, Ben Capron keeping riders hydrated on course, my very nice Specialized Roubaix loaner for the day, bikes lines up at one of the rest stops, and incredible views up Mulholland drive.

Fortunately for them, it really does seem to work. Though not just anecdotally through Peter, but through many people who try it for themselves. During the Sagan VIP ride, all of the participants were able to try it at every rest station along the way. We were also given product to try while we rode the course for ourselves. For me, it was the third day in a row of riding and which would give me over 12k feet of climbing. Considering my climbing form currently is a bit weak, I was hurting a bit and expected to perform terribly. It was also fairly warm in the sun which had me sweating more than I’m used to this late in the year. Yet, I felt surprisingly good given the circumstances. Following the Osmo mantra, I ate my calories and drank my hydration, which seemed to keep me well fueled and happily pedaling. For me, one ride is hardly a definitive test, but I’m looking forward to trying it on a longer basis.


osmo_womens_packaging osmo_mens_packaging

The good news is that for others who want to try it out, Osmo nutrition product will back in production by January. Featuring distinct formulas for both men and women, Osmo is available in the Preload Hydration, Active Hydration, and Acute recovery products. According to Capron, the formulas of the Osmo products have not changed at all, it’s simply new ownership and new strategy. To get the ball rolling, Osmo is offering a presale deal in the form of gift certificates with 20% off a $100 gift certificate (so $80, for $100 worth of product) or 25% off a $250 gift certificate ($200). Both will be redeemable at Osmonutrition.com only, as soon as the product is available in January 2017.


  1. It’s really hard to separate the science from marketing with stuff like this, but I will say, I know an army of women who swore by this stuff. The overaggressive expansion is a classic way to kill a company, so it’s good to see them survive it in the end.

      • Bob, (and all) we’ve corrected the problem. A $250 gift card is now $187.50, or the correct 25% off. We’ve reached out to the folks who didn’t get the full 25% to make it right. Thanks again for the catch.

  2. it is the best for me and for them be off the market has been brutal for me. Others just don’t compare to osmo. So glad they are coming back. Osmo really works better than the rest.

  3. I average 150 miles a week on the bike, don’t own a car, and live in a place that averages in the high 90s in the summer. Before Osmo and as a woman I never sweated and dangerously over heated constantly. After Osmo I not only survived better but my preformance improved year round from using the preload consistantly. I’ve been concerned about my ability to survive the summer next year. Hearing they’ll be back is basically Christmas come early for me. I just hope they’ll someday choose a new hydration flavor. Mango is the one fruite that makes me gag

    • Our full site is coming soon. It will have similar (but better) approach to our old dealer site. Look for it in December, in time for January delivery. Thanks so much for your support. It means everything.
      Ben Capron

  4. I was introduced to OSMO products back in 2013 when they came on as a supplier for Cannondale.
    This is by far the best product I have used for all my activities and have not had stomach issues or cramping on long rides since. All I know is it works.
    Good thing too…my supply is dwindling and needs a re-fill!

  5. Cool! I love the Osmo Acute Recovery, only recovery drink that ever seemed to have a positive effect on next day / multi day performance for me.

    • We think that would be great too! So far there’s not a way to do tablets with an optimized formula for hydration. We’ll keep working on it, but won’t make it until it performs properly. Looks like you’ll have a little bit of a mess on your counter for a while… 😉

    • Ok, here goes. And I quote “He’s been on the product ever since”. I mean, you can’t let a line like that go when it comes to professional cyclists!

      I have the utmost respect for Peter as a rider, and a human being, and I’m totally joking. But I would have changed the wording in that sentence, that’s for sure!

  6. Hopefully this time around ya’ll won’t just “vanish” with regards to product. Poor to little communication with retailers, no response to email and then finding the product show up via 3rd party channels on eBay. Definitely a loss of confidence in the brand and product, hopefully better communication this time around.

    • Jason, thanks for this straight talk. I couldn’t agree more. My Partner, Lee, and I just bought the brand and promise we’ll be here for you. Apologies in behalf of the brand for falling short in the past. Thanks for giving Osmo a second chance.

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