JET Roll’s under saddle tool rolls are an exercise in carrying the fewest tools possible wrapped securely to your saddle rails. But this time of year, and especially heading off-road, wrapping your gear up in fabric and tying it under your butt puts it directly in harms way for all the tire spray and mud, and is a bit of a recipe for trouble. So Jet has taken their mountain bike roll and given it an update to securely and cleanly store you spares….


The Wild Weasel 2.0 is now a winter, wet & foul weather specific tool roll made of a tacky waterproof material to keep snow, freezing rain, and ice at bay. The synthetic wrap gives a bit of extra grip to hold your tools and spares in place inside, but also works well to keep it secure to the saddle rails when bouncing along down the trail.

The new Wild Weasel 2.0 with the improved fabric sells for the same $65 as the prior MTB version. It includes the same mountain bike tube (1x 29er or 2x road tubes), CO2, and tool pocket layout, plus adds a new loop to more securely stash a mini pump or another CO2. It also comes with a pair of rubber bands designed to made it easier to stash spare tubes inside, a pair of compression bands to wrap the outside up tight, and a toe strap to hold it in place.


Beside the standard blue and gray colors for version 2.0, Jet also has a limited edition Joker version available in a week or two that will feature a deep purple fabric with matte black & gray trim, and neon orange & green stitching. The Joker version adds $40 to a total of $105, but it seems that if you pre-order it this week, they’ll throw in a Jet Roll Supersonic in black that has that same $49 value, and will also come with a higher-end double leather toe strap with stainless steel hardware. Like the rest, all JET Rolls are made one at a time by hand in the US.


  1. JET Roll MTB models and the Wild Weasel 2.0 shown here will most likely fit. It would depend on how much you plan to carry and the contents you put inside. The soft, slightly cushioned material of the Wild Weasel 2.0 model along with the provided compression bands should keep everything secure and rattle free.

    • Does that mean it fits pretty well down by the BB on most bikes? I was thinking about putting a roll on my Spartan strapped to the seattube(basically the same way Guerilla Gravity has storage setup on the Trail Pistol, only without the neato bracket.)

      But I wouldn’t wanna do it if feet/cranks are going to hit it all the time.

  2. Take a look at some of the alternative mounting options on the JET Roll MTB page under the Product Details heading. It shows some pictures of the JET Roll MTB and Wild Weasel fastened to the frame via a third party ( not included ) accessory water bottle cage mount. Depending on your needs, the JET Roll Sidewinder may be a better option for frame mounted CO2, small multi-tool, etc.. The JET Roll button hole and strap design is versatile and allows the JET Roll to be carried or fastened in a variety of ways to the bike, hydration pack, saddle rails, or other gear for convenient quick access ( see videos ). Alternatively, it can be closed with the button fasteners and carried in a jersey pocket, or stowed in a pack.

  3. We have received numerous compliments on the website. The products are arranged in three sections, Shop, Black Project Division, and S//SAP-JET sections. The pictures throughout the website and on each product page show each JET Roll model in greater detail.

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