Even if your fixed gear bike spends most of its life on the velodrome, you still probably want to ride on the streets. The new Cinelli Tipo Pista is an interesting take on a track racer with Cinelli referring to it as a kind of winter training bike for the track and street. On one hand the bike has geometry that’s a blend of track and fixed gear crit, but on the other the bike includes front and rear brakes and 25mm tires to make city life a bit more bearable. If you’re looking for a bike that’s equally at home on the track or the street, the Tipo Pista might be worth a look…


When it comes to geometry, Cinelli calls it a “fusion between Cinelli Pistard DNA  and the experience acquired in years of fixed gear crits all over the world.” That includes a relatively steep head angle, seat tube angle, and limited 35mm fork rake for a fast handling bike that’s comfortable on steep banks of the track and is said to prevent toe overlap.


The custom Columbus aluminum frame with a Columbus carbon bladed fork and aluminum steerer includes 120mm dropouts with stainless steel plates to allow for gearing changes while keeping chain tension correct. The stock set up includes a 46t chainring with a 17t cog on the KT flip flop track hub. Claimed weight for the frame is listed as 1650g, with another 560g for the fork.


The rest of the build includes a Cinelli bar, stem, and seatpost, and Alex Race rims wrapped in 700 x 25c Duro Hypersonic tires. Not pictured are the front and rear Promax brakes and brake levers. Available in four frame sizes, the Tipo Pista will sell for $1,039. Check out cinelli.it for further details.


    • Kernel Flickitov on

      So unless you’re riding a Bolt or a Vigorelli you’re just a poseur, right? Man, the nerve of some people! If this entry level gets someone interested in riding normally that’s viewed a good thing. What kind of a person has a problem that?

  1. longlonglong on

    L (56) frame is the biggest frame, that is too small for many people.
    of course, it is a fast, sporty frame, but 56 is too small.

    i would buy it with 59 or better 61.
    an i prefer disc brakes, because i ride every day and when it is raining.

    there was a prototype from cinelli, ss, disc and gates, remeber?
    that is my dream bike. no service, just riding…

  2. Lee on

    “Even if your fixed gear bike spends most of its life on the velodrome”

    I’m quite sure most of Vigorelli/Bolt bought since 2010 have never seen a velodrome 🙂

  3. Lolito on

    Get a Dolan Pre-Cursa; 100 Brittish punds + shipping, and the pound is really low now.

    Sizes each 2cm, lots of colurs to choose, tubes taper and change profile. Best frame ever, also for the track, or for a reactive street bike.


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