There’s more space than you think inside that middle frame triangle. The guys over at Wolf Tooth Components have taken that fact and created the B-RAD System, or the system formally known as the Bottle Relocation and Accessory Device. Effectively giving riders the option of shifting and increasing mounting locations using the traditional bottle cage mounts, it all starts with a series of slotted Mounting Bases from which optimization of that precious inner frame space begins…

Three different options give riders from small to tall the ability to shift a bottle cage up or down, or to increase available mounting locations for water, tools, or other supplies. Read: If you’ve ever had to lean a tall bottle to the side to fit into the seat tube bottle cage, this should be welcome news to cure that case of “bottle lean.”




The B-Rad 2, 3, and 4 give increasing length and flexibility for mounting cages or their current accessories, which so far include the Double Bottle Adapter, and the Strap and Accessory Mount. The former gives a welcome option for people looking to increase the amount of hydration they’re able to carry on-bike. Think gravel rides and hot summer days. The latter gives the option of securing things like spare tube, CO2 cartridge, tire irons or any other similarly sized carry item.




B-Rad Double Bottle Mount – Photo c. Wolf Tooth Components

Wolf Tooth is planning on releasing even more accessories as the year goes on as they learn about what riders need in various disciplines. As mentioned before, road guys could effectively fit that second 24 oz. bottle on the seattube. All-day gravel grinders suddenly find the option to carry double or more the amount of bottles, meaning longer rides and less weight on the back for the backpack bladder crowd. You can see where this is heading given the various applications.


B-RAD Pricing:

  • Mounting Bases:
    • B-RAD 2:  $17.95
    • B-RAD 3:  $19.95
    • B-RAD 4:  $22.95
  • Accessory Strap and Mount:  $29.95
  • Double Bottle Adapter:  $23.95

For riders curious about giving the B-Rad system a try, the first question that comes to mind will be, “Which mounting base will I need?” Taking the guesswork out of the measuring process, they’ve created a scaled template that can be printed and used to figure out which of the three options will be available. A link to that page can be found here.

In a similar but different gear carrying thought process, Wolf Tooth’s sister frame company Otso has teamed up with Revelate Designs to create a custom frame bag for the Votek fat bike. Utilizing the bottle cage moutns and the mounts along the bottom of the top tube, the bag attaches with minimal straps for a super clean yet secure look. Custom fit for each frame size, the bags have a large zippered pocked on the drive side and a smaller zippered pocked on the non-drive side, and a retail price of $180.


Finally, Wolf Tooth also has a new version of their incredible ReMote dropper lever called the LA for Light Action. Built with a longer lever arm, the design is optimized to work with posts that require a higher cable force to operate. That includes Thomson, Fox Transfer, Race Face, Easton, and 9Point8 droppers (if you don’t already have the 9Point8 lever by WTC). Including all the features that made the original ReMote such a standout including the large ball bearing pivot, the ReMote LA is available to fit four different bar mounting options and starts at $59.95.


  1. threeringcircus on

    B-RAD looks an awful lot like the Shimano SM-BA01 bottle cage adapter I’ve been using for the same purpose the last few years. I like the option for longer ones, though.

    • notthatbrad on

      I also use the di2 battery mount thingy. It does a great job shifting my bottle mount so I can actually fit a water bottle while running my double barrel.

  2. tracy on

    I fabricated something similar to this a few years ago and was thinking of taking it to market. during testing i found that i just cleared the bottles with my knees, barely. Their implementation however, rotates the bottles in-ward a bit more than mine did but then that would conflict with a frame bag in many cases. there was something similar sold in the 90’s in case anyone is into bike product history.

    • Zach on

      The mount for dual water bottle mounts would be great for bikes that have the triple boss mounts on the fork, like what Surly and Salsa do.

  3. Kerry on

    I’m going to get chastised for this but… B-rad system is great for mounting some batteries that come with DIY E-bike kits. On small frames or certain battery cradles something like this is needed and the only useable option (if you don’t have a machine shop at your disposal) is from Australia.

  4. JR on

    Anyone have any thoughts on whether a thin carbon downtube (on an mtb being raced at NUEs) bottle boss would support this kind of weight? TIA for any thoughts.

    • codyish on

      It looks like it’s coming with zip ties to add extra support, I imagine they are required regardless of the frame being aluminum or carbon. That was my though too, that much weight sloshing back and forth on a concentrated point would almost definitely tear your bosses out or crack your frame, but zip tying it down would distribute that force across a much larger area.

  5. DeeEight on

    More/On double bottle cage / accessory mounts did the same thing and were on the market more than 25 years ago. They can still be found on ebay to this day.

    • Zach Overholt on

      Robert, I just checked on a few of my bikes – the answer is maybe, but most likely not. On most of my bikes with carbon frames or larger tubes, the adapter is shaped so that the underside would dig into the frame if you tighten it down without the base plate. A few of my bikes with smaller metal tubes it looks like it could work, but then you don’t have the baseplate to prevent the adapters from twisting once mounted so it probably wouldn’t be as secure. Finally, it depends on your fit and your frame, but on my bikes I couldn’t use it without the base plate since the bottle placement would interfere with pedaling. I’d say even if you don’t need the bottles relocated, you’re better off using the base plate and the adapter.


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