SQlab is always about those ergonomics. When it comes to handlebars, the industry standard seems to sit right around 7-9° of backsweep. For years, SQlab has offered a 16° backsweep model which they say is a more natural fit to your hand position, but such a drastic change is probably a hard sell. Now, they are offering their new 3OX bar in both 12° and 16° backsweeps which may be the perfect compromise for riders looking to mostly preserve the look of their current bars, but wanting to try something more ergonomic as well…

Available in both carbon and aluminum versions, both bars will be sold in three different rises – 15mm, 30mm, or 45mm, each with a 4° upsweep. While the increased backsweep may seem a bit odd at first, SQlab points out that 16° originates from motocross while 12° has been common in BMX. Priced at $189 for the carbon version, expect these to be available in 3-4 weeks.

If you’re a fan of SQlab’s inner bar ends but not the bright colors, you’ll be happy to see that they’re now available in solid black.

Tibor Simai also wanted to show off two saddles, and not just because the one on the right is his signature Limited Edition. The right saddle is actually their Ergowave 611 active carbon saddle which uses an elastomer insert to allow flex of the saddle with the natural pedaling motion. To make a lighter saddle, but still very flexible, the Ergowave 612 Carbon (left) uses rails that travel straight up to the back of the saddle with a narrower spread than the Active version. This allows the sides of the saddle to flex, yet keeps the weight down to just 147g, making it the lightest in the series.



  1. D-Con on

    Is there a relationship between SQLab and Syntace beyond former shared distributors?

    The Syntace Vector has been available in a 12 for ages. I’ve found it to be a great compromise between standard bars and alt bar weirdness. It’s comfortable for long days without compromising technical descending like super-sweepy bars can.

  2. Tom on

    Hard to argue with the ergos of this idea.

    Is the rest of the bar’s shape adjusted to maintain the same approximate reach as with a 4 degree bar?

      • TheKaiser on

        Although, looking at it again, it doesn’t have as severe a look as some of the Ritchey’s that were significantly forward offset before the sweep began. That may be due to the fact that this is only 12 degree though, rather than 18-22 like some of the other brands.

  3. Luis on

    Glad to see there’s some more options, I run a 12 degree syntace and it’s fantastic. The 16 degree sounds interesting

  4. Thor29 on

    Salsa Rustler bar is 11 degrees if anyone is looking for less expensive options with more sweep. Everybody is different, but for me that seems to hit the sweet spot.


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