Cannondale took a big leap when they launched their Slate ‘New Road’ Bike. Not only did it have Road Plus wheels and tires, but it also brought suspension into the mix with the Lefty Oliver. It doesn’t look like the Slate is going anywhere any time soon, but for fans of bigger wheels and rigid bikes, Cannondale now has another option. Quietly released through Facebook and their website, you’re looking at the new SuperX SE – an evolved cross bike with bigger tires and wider range gearing to tackle whatever terrain comes next…

Based on the SuperX frameset, the SuperX SE uses a BallisTec carbon frame with a BB30 bottom bracket, and 142 x 12 / 100 x 12 thru axle front and rear. While it’s speced with a 1×11 SRAM Force wide range drivetrain, the frame does include a removeable front derailleur mount if needed. Cables are routed internally with customizeable guides for different set ups.

Using the same geometry as the SuperX cyclocross race bikes, this appears to be the same bike, just built with a different parts group with more versatile riding in mind. That includes WTB KOM i23 TCS rims running Riddler 700 x 37c tubeless tires for increased traction. The 1×11 drivetrain uses a SRAM 10-42 PG1130 cassette with a 40t SpideRing narrow wide chain ring. Available in 46, 51, 54, 56, 58, and 61cm frames.


  1. I haven’t ridden the SuperX personally, but I’ve never read a review, or spoken to anyone who considers the bike “a turd”.

  2. @Rocky They basically took a cross race bike and turned it into a gravel race bike, which seems to be pretty popular these days. Still race geometry, but with bigger tires and geared for bigger, longer hills. Basically the same thing I’ve personally done with my Crux. What’s wrong with that?

    • Nothing wrong with doing that, it’s more of a “horses for courses” kind of thing. Taking a cross bike and relabeling it as a Gravel Bike because it has different tires and gearing is a fairly uninspired approach from a major manufacturer. Cross race bike geometry and ride characteristics are not at all ideal for gravel racing. Usuable? Sure, but no reason to choose this over a gravel specific design.

      • I’m headed to DK200 with my SuperX, so I’ve got to disagree. The geometry is perfect for gravel – it’s why I bought the bike as soon as it came out.

      • Except the superX had more a gravel geo than a cross bike one in the first place with its super low BB.

        Besides a cross bike makes for great gravel bike and the differences are mostly in the head of the rider.

  3. Hey, if I’m not mistaken the big news is that they dropped the proprietary rear wheel setup they had going. Is that right?

  4. Nope. Still AI I believe. 5 minutes to re-dish any wheel 3mm and a small price to pay for short chainstays, stiffer wheel and more clearance in my opinion. I think the bike is great and just ordered one. Arriving next week. Never ridden a SuperX but heard great things about them. Curious what makes a gravel bike according to Rocky. Disc brakes, check, massive clearance for 40+c tires,check, wide gearing, check. Maybe it’s just missing street creed.

    • Yeah the SuperX was on my short list but I found a new Scott Addict CX 10 for… half price. Dang I do love that bike!

    • Slack angles, low bb, not super short chainstays, clearance for larger than 40c with mud, at least three bottle cage mounts. Checks none of these boxes.
      AI is actually 6mm off, redishing that wheel without replacing spoke length is a poor idea. Short chainstays are great for tight and twisty cross racing but serve no benefit in long distance gravel racing.

      • Yeah my bad. 6mm indeed and no problem to relish without changing spokes. Plenty of people have done it, just ask around. Agree with Blah blah. Sounds like you’re looking for a touring bike. I’m looking for a fast winter commuter and adventure/ gravel bike where I can add some single track to a road ride. This is perfect for that. Don’t think I’ll ever need 40-42 gearing but you never know I guess.

  5. Orange paint? Check! Gumwall tyres? Check! 1x drivetrain? Check! This gravel bike thing is easier than we thought! 😉

    • 155mm high? Compared to what? Most MTBs are 170mm aren’t they? Can’t have massive clearance and narrow Q factor can you? I’m curious to learn though.

      • Depends on the frame. I have a 168 Q-factor on my Spark because of Boost and chainstay width. It’s all circumstantial.

  6. Cross Bike/Gravel Bike same thing….Oh and the Pro’s sometimes race Cross Bikes at Paris Roubaix…so Road bike also. Its not a Touring MTB as the heal clearance for Panniers is too small.

    • yip. up to 50 on the front but maximum within reasonable safety is 43. bulge from hoops depending. I ride 700c 42s, WTB Resolute. massive clearance. although alot of gravel bikes can run 2.2 even 2.5s. that’s cool. MTB tyres offroad and road wheelset on road. If I had money, I’d rather have got a soft tail xc mtb. but superx is my do it all bike living in new zealand

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