If you’re fortunate enough to have an adventure van that’s big enough to store the bikes inside, your bikes are probably better for it. They’re protected from the elements, better protected from theft, and without a rack hanging off the back you’re probably getting better gas mileage – or it’s at least easier to find room to park. However, just because the bikes are inside doesn’t mean they’re completely protected from damage. To ensure that, you’ll have to find a method of securing them for transport. For many, this seems to involve the installation of racks or fork mounts inside the van, but if you prefer the ‘toss it in, and forget about it’ method, there are still options to keep your rides safe…

Technically, the Fassa ‘The Separator’ is good for more than just protecting bikes in your vehicle, but that seems like the most likely use of the product. Basically a large padded sleeve to place between bikes, the Separator measures 1885mm x 920mm and is foldable to 630mm x 920mm for storage. Constructed from 180gsm ripstop polyethylene that is waterproof and UV coated, the inside features 8mm closed cell padding to cushion bike on bike or bike on vehicle contact. Straps are provided to attach the Separator to your seat post and stem, so the padding stays in place as you bounce down the road.

Obviously, there are a lot of other things out there you could use for the same purpose, but the Separator is purpose built to provide durable, easy to clean protection that is also easy to install and remove. Available in black or silver, each Separator sells for £60 with free shipping for customers in the UK, though Fassa will ship world wide for a fee.

The Separator


  1. Dustytires on

    When living ‘the van life’ what you carry should do multiple duties when ever possible. One can get 12, 72″ x 80″ moving blankets for roughly the same price as one of these, free shipping. All you need is a couple of the blankets to not only separate a couple of bikes but be used for pet bed, picnic blanket, floor covering in the cold, hung behind front seats for privacy insulation, or with a quick shake to get the dust off, an over blanket for occupants whilst sleeping.

    • Wiscomark on

      Exactly. I have a van that we regularly fit over a dozen bikes in and we use new, high quality shipping pads. Way more versatile and less expensive.


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