Recently introduced at Sea Otter Europe, Nua Bikes is jumping into the world of Pinion gearboxes. Calling Barcelona home, Nua claims to focus on versatile, beautifully crafted titanium frames with a focus on modern technology that provides a bicycle that can be enjoyed with less maintenance. Adding a Pinion gear box with a Gates belt drive certainly seems like it would fit in that category, and once you add in the 60mm tires, you have a bike that should be comfortable in a number of different environments…

While gearbox bikes aren’t exactly taking over, we are starting to see more and more of them, specifically equipped with Pinion drivetrains. When equipped with a Gates belt drive, the resulting set up is definitely less maintenance intensive, though you still have to do things like periodically change the oil in the gear box. As is necessary for the build, the Dual frame is custom built to house the Pinion assembly while still offering clearance for the massive tires.

Nua says that the Dual was built to be the perfect mix of a city bike during the week and a dirt road explorer on the weekend. The frame, seat post, stem, and fork are all built by Nua out of titanium, with the remaining parts picked specifically for this show bike.

Most of Nua’s bikes are in the full custom realm, so pricing and geometry all varies per build. But if you want to get your hands on one of these titanium beauties for yourself – or at least get more information, then drop Nua a line below.



  1. Von Kruiser on

    Twist shifting is the bane of gear boxes. Riders seem ok with the slight inefficiency of gear boxes (ex: internal hubs are accepted), but twist shifting is a deal breaker for most.

    • Gillis on

      Agreed. I would love to invest in a gearbox setup, but I can’t stand twisters. I’ve seen various prototype triggers for Rohloff, nothing but vaporware though.

    • ChknBreast on

      I loved Gripshift and would still be using it. Love the fact you don’t have to really ever let go of the bars. Loved the simplicity and ease of maintenance. Never liked the limited selection of grips. Today’s cockpit being so integrated now with shifter clamps integrating with brake lever clamps and dropper post remotes. Those things don’t get along very well with Gripshift.
      I maybe a better rider or have slowed down enough over the years where I’m not breaking a shifter pod off once a year either by crashing or by nailing it with my knees. 1x setups only leave one shifter as well, halving the odds of busting one off too. The move back to triggers hasn’t been all that bad.


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