Apparently, Specialized is very close to launching the all-new Diverge. We’ll have more details on it later in the week, but in the mean time, Specialized is giving everyone a sneak peek with a little clip featuring the one and only, Peter Sagan. After giving him the bike and a film crew, Specialized told Peter he could do whatever he wanted with the new bike. The results speak for themselves…


  1. That Peter Sagan, he’s so hot right now. ‘to our surprise, Sagan did donuts… all we did was give him a muscle car, an empty lot and told him that when he spins the tires, pink dust will rise up…. and totally unpredictable to us as the big S, he did donuts!’

    • Love it or loath it…

      That’s Peters car, owned pre commercial. There was an article on him a few years ago that featured his love for Americana (or at least muscle cars).

  2. I was expecting donuts with the new bike as I have not seen anybody do that on a bicycle. But it’s just a muscle car exhibition. I just got fooled. Boo!

    • Yup. paused it at 0:44 with full screen and max res – short travel dropper post, clearly a futureshock stem, and what appears to be slightly increased tire clearance, no more zertz, and this one at least is a 1x. And at 0:08 and 0:09 you can clearly see the dropper lever on the left side of the bar.

  3. I dig it. It’s got Peter being Peter while teasing shots of the new Diverge. I’m not particularly interested in Specialized’s bikes, but the commercial works.

    I had no idea that you could colored smoke tires until I looked up as much after watching the video. Will that be the next big thing for fixie riders?

  4. You spin me right round, baby right round, like a record baby right round
    (sounded familiar, had to replay a few times to figure it out)

  5. Well, we are all quite apparently impressed, intrigued, puzzled, smiling, annoyed, wanting, discussing or whatever – so did Big S get their commercial right? Wow, they are good! Hat off, this is by far the most stunning bike commercial in a decade. Because he did not ride the thing. Wow.

    • I did thought about that as well but wouldn’t the CG-R fulfilled that requirement already? Or Spesh can go Canyon route with their VCLS seat post?

    • The dropper is the XCP that has been available for several years already.

      And suspension seatpost have been around for way longer. See USE and Thudbuster for some of the most popular models.

  6. Man I like this guy.
    I’d have never guessed my tastes would so harmonize with a Slovakian bicycle racer….
    He would probably really like it down here in Texas.
    Come get his self a $50k pickup and he would have an AWESOME time.

  7. I am not a Specialized fan. I only like smaller bike companies. Then, when they get too big, I dump them and find a new boutique brand so I come off cool at parties. “Oh, never heard of Premonition Handbuilt Artisanal Bamboo Molybdenum frames, made by a blind Buddhist monk with one arm in Nepal. Wow, you’re cool.”

    I was a big Specialized fan back in 1979, when they were small, but they got too big in 2004 (my threshold is any company that makes more than $500 in profit per year).

  8. Guy burns uneccessary amount of irreplaceable fossil fuel. Does that mean I’m doing some kind of carbon offset program for him?

  9. No more Zertz. Future shock at the front, dropper or suspension seat post at the back. No more CG-R and a conventional position for the conventional looking seat clamp. Dropped seat stays, which is Specialized’s 2018 look. Flat mount brakes and what looks like the same size discs F & R. Single chainring and what may be the SWAT box that fits at the junction of the seat- and down tubes.

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