Ok, so the Diverge teaser video was a little unconventional. Many wondered where the footage of Sagan actually riding the bike was, and now after the embargo has been lifted, here it is. However, Specialized did point out that the donut video really was Sagan’s idea. Apparently they had just a few hours with Sagan while in Utah for a high altitude training camp, and Sagan jokingly said he had this car that he likes to drive fast and sometimes uses it to take his bike to the ride. Throw in some tires that make colored smoke on burnouts and, well, you’ve seen the result.

If the teaser video didn’t do it for you though, the latest video of Sagan and his Diverge should. Granted, it wouldn’t matter what bike you gave Sagan, he would make anything look great, but with some particularly stylish riding, Sagan makes us all wish we had a fraction of his skills. Check out the new Diverge in detail here.


  1. I dig the ad. It’s on par with pretty much any other ads in terms of production value. It’s good to see bicycle manufacturers stepping up their commercial game. While some might decry the lack of details in the ad or the lack of clear shots of the bike, it’s certainly an ad that’s slick enough to appeal to people outside cycling. If we want cycling to grow, cycling has to appeal to those people.

    • Seriously, can we ask ourselves…do we really want to grow cycling? Unless you’re in the industry or the cycling press, I’d vote “no”. Bigger just means more regulated and more expensive.

      • That is the most backward logic I’ve heard in a long time. Bigger would result in less expensive bikes, parts, clothing, accessories and more available riding opportunities. Do you understand how economy of scale works? How about lobbying for land access?

      • We absolutely want to grow cycling. More cyclists would make it easier to get/justify more cycling infrastructure. More cyclists would tend to decrease car v. cyclist collision rates (studies have shown as much); and from a purely economic point of view, more cyclists buying cycling stuff would drive the prices of many bike products down.

        Plus, I’d rather see more people taking up cycling than driving.

  2. I’m sensing some anti-Specialized vibe here (several ‘not a spesh fan’ comments); anyone care to fill me in on why the hate?

    • They sued some smaller bike companies, so people don’t like large bike companies suing smaller bike companies. (But Trek can sue wine country tour companies with ‘trek’ in their name.) These same people own iPhones, yet could care less about the hundreds of companies and software developers Apple puts out of business every week.

      Selective hypocrisy.

  3. Well if nothing else, Specialized have at least got their act together with geometry and stack-reach ratios for the smaller sizes of the Diverge.

    The 2017 model had a S-T ratio of 1.39 in size small! That’s pro race territory and not what a ‘gravel’ endurance bike should be.

    Much better this year, with consistent geometry through the sizes.

  4. Fun ad, good energy, shows what the bike can do under a strong rider. Cycling needs personalities and characters – Sagan is a good one.

  5. i like the geometry of this bike. That bb drop would be interesting. I could do without the fancy headset gadget stuff. Ridiculous. Put on a Cane Creek viscoset and clean that silly headset up.

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