The newest Raw 100 video is here. What is Red Bull Raw 100? The idea is pretty simple – keep your videos to just 100 seconds in length and only feature the raw natural sounds of riding. No music, and also no slow motion. The resulting videos are stunning, both in the creativity of the shooting as well as the ridng. Of course, Brandon Semenuk makes a perfect subject as his video game-like riding makes for some entertaining shots…

Above is another Semenuk Raw 100 clip from last year which is almost just as mind blowing.


  1. Way overdone on the foley work. All I can hear is someone in a studio spinning a hub into a mic and sliding a tire against a thin dirt tray to perfect those “raw natural sounds”. The video is better played muted. Tone is down guys, this is the audio equivalent of too much HDR..

    • You can see the microphone mounted on the frame (rear triangle). What the hell are you on about studio sound? That is exactly what tires pumped to 50 psi or whatever Semunuk rides sound like on compacted dirt.

    • I agree the Foley work is overdone, but I enjoyed it. It makes the video seem more surreal like a video game.

      @Wuffles can you really not hear to wooshing sound panning across at every cut? It sounds like the tires are running over your eardrum.

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