As disc brakes come back around for pro peloton use, Pinarello is joining the party. Already approved for UCI competition use, the F10 now has a disc brake equipped sibling in the ‘F10 Disk.’ Very similar to the current Dogma F10, the bike does have a few unique features that are specific to the disc brake version…

Even though Pinarello has openly voiced their opinion that disc brakes aren’t needed for high end road bikes, that hasn’t stopped them from updating their highest performance bike with the new stoppers. Naturally, the brake area sees the biggest changes for the F10 Disk moving to 12mm thru axles (100 x 12 front and 142 x 12 rear), and modifying the fork and stays to handle the stresses of increased stopping power. Other details include an Italian threaded BB, 160mm flat mount disc tabs, ICR internal cable routing, and a max tire clearance of 25mm.

photos c. Pinarello

Pinarello says otherwise the frame includes “all the qualities and characteristics of a Dogma F10” including flatback stays, concave down tube, Twinforce saddle clamping system, and dual bottle positions on the seat tube.

Available in a full 11 sizes (44, 46.5, 50, 51.5, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57.5, 59.5, and 62), the Dogma F10 Disk comes in Mars Orange, Black Lava, Black on Black, Red Magma, and Team Sky. Pricing is TBA.


    • tomato or tomatoes? i’m pretty sure disk is the proper spelling for ‘a flat, thin, round object.’ for some reason bike industry goes with disc. does it really matte 😕

      • I assume that disc brakes are spelled that way because they were first invented in England, just as hard disk drives were invented in the US. In this case I consider it a misspelling which is especially confusing as I think the Italian word for “disk” or “disc” is “disco”.

      • That’s bollocks. Quite a few teams run 28’s and a few 30’s in the cobbled races this year, races you’d think that bike would be made for. Specialized sponsored teams are also using their 26mm tubular for all around racing, a tire i’ve heard measure out closer to 27mm.

        • I expect 25mm tires on modern, wide clincher rims (19mm inner, >27mm outer) to balloon to 28-29mm anyway. My Schwalbe Pro Ones do. It’s very likely that 28mm measured tires will fit and be more aero than 25s since gaps between tires and seattube or downtube will be smaller.

      • Since when does a 25 max tire size delineate “race bike”? Then what do all those pros racing the Spring Classics have any business running 28’s? They must be doing it all wrong, right?.There are a multitude of disc road “race” bikes that will except a 28 tire, some even a 30. One of the biggest benefits of disc is to be able to run bigger tires, but when you’re bandwagon like Pinarello you only figure that out well after everybody else does.

    • This whole measurement makes no sense anyway. They should just stick to maximum diameter of wheel + tire. Which will be close to 684mm on a bike that is designed to “fit 28mm tires”. Given all the different combinations of wheels, tires and their actual resulting sizes, this is the only foolproof way to go about.

  1. “Even though Pinarello has openly voiced their opinion that disc brakes aren’t needed for high end road bikes, that hasn’t stopped them from updating their highest performance bike with the new stoppers.”

    Because the general consumer figured out years ago that disc brakes perform better, and the pros just figured this out basically in a ‘born yesterday’ sort of way.. So Pinarello makes stupid comments like….

    Fausto Pinarello: “We don’t think a high-performance bike needs disc brakes” (1/25/2017

    Gee, well… apparently that’s not very truthful. My money goes elsewhere. Not a hard decision to make in this case.

  2. I know that beauty is in the eyes of the beer holder, so just clicking on this thread I was put off by the heinous heat tube and seat tube, but hey, its a pro bike and they need aero assist, but EAR LOBES on the freakin fork tips, over the top Fausto…

  3. as long time disliker of the pinarello way, gee that sky version looks awesome and i hate team bikes. and those Campagnolo levers, cant eat my dinner now! thanks

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