Last month BH teased the new full suspension AtomX eMTB with a dark preview that we promptly dropped into Photoshop to see what was lurking in the shadows. What we saw was a completely revamped e-bike designed to be more trail capable with an integrated downtube battery and short chainstay Brose motor system. Now we’ve got more details on a range of asymmetric full suspension trail e-bikes and hardtails that use an updated drive system…

BH says they’ve been building e-bikes for ten years, hence the new name Atom X for their proper trail-ready eMTB line (and apparently enough reasoning for that weird trash can drumming, fake lightning video.)

BH EMotion Atom X Lynx 6 27.5+ Plus Pro full-suspension e-bike eMTB trail enduro eEnduro mountain bike asymmetric seattube rear end

Besides a more dramatic looking reshaped main triangle, the biggest change of the new full suspension e-bikes is a new asymmetrically shaped seattube that let BH use the same Split Pivot suspension design as their regular trail bikes.

BH EMotion Atom X Lynx 6 27.5+ Plus Pro full-suspension e-bike eMTB trail enduro eEnduro mountain bike battery closed smart bracelet lock BH EMotion Atom X Lynx 6 27.5+ Plus Pro full-suspension e-bike eMTB trail enduro eEnduro mountain bike battery door open

Reshaping the downtube wasn’t purely an aesthetic choice though. Pulling it back away from the front wheel helped pull the weight of the battery back closer to the center of the frame for improved handling. Combine that with more modern long & slack trail geometry for a more capable eMTB range.

BH EMotion Atom X Lynx 6 27.5+ Plus Pro full-suspension e-bike eMTB trail enduro eEnduro mountain bike Brose Drive S motor

The e-bikes all use an updated Brose Drive S motor that offers 15% more torque than the previous version, most effective at high pedaling cadence. It still is one of the most compact out there, giving the full Atom X range eMTB-short 460mm chainstays. The range all get Boost 148 rear ends, and include both an integrated 32-38T chain guide and a suspension sag indicator.

BH EMotion Atom X Lynx 6 27.5+ Plus Pro full-suspension e-bike eMTB trail enduro eEnduro mountain bike custom fit water bottle

Curiously BH also developed an oddly shaped snap-in water bottle to fit in over the rear shocks.

BH EMotion Atom X Lynx 6 27.5+ Plus Pro full-suspension e-bike eMTB trail enduro eEnduro mountain bike Linux powered head unit display

In addition to the standard e-bike key, the Atom X also includes a smart key bracelet that can activate the electronics. The e-bike range also gets a new Linux-powered system with a color display and wireless Bluetooth device connectivity.

BH Atom X eMTB options

BH EMotion Atom X 29er hardtail e-bike eMTB trail mountain bike

The Atom X includes seven aluminum framed eMTBs in total, each available in just three sizes – S, M & L. All of the 27.5″ e-bikes get a new higher capacity 720Wh battery for a claimed 150km range, while the 29ers stick with 500Wh setups for lighter weight.

The Atom X 29 is the entry hardtail at 3200€, followed by the Atom X 27.5 Plus Pro RC hardtail with its fat tires at 4400€, and the Atom X 27.5 Plus Pro at 4700€ with a higher component spec.

BH EMotion Atom X Lynx 5 29er full-suspension e-bike eMTB trail enduro eEnduro mountain bike

The full suspension eMTBs start out with the 4000€ Atom X Lynx 5 29 which gets 120mm of travel and wagon wheels for more of a light trail bike feel.

BH EMotion Atom X Lynx 5 27.5+ Plus Pro full-suspension e-bike eMTB trail enduro eEnduro mountain bike

Two 27.5+ full suspension options also offer 120mm of travel, although geared for a bit more technical terrain with the smaller fatter tires. The Atom X Lynx 5 27.5 Plus Pro RC at 4700€, and higher spec’ed Atom X Lynx 5 27.5 Plus Pro at 5500€.

BH EMotion Atom X Lynx 6 27.5+ Plus Pro full-suspension e-bike eMTB trail enduro eEnduro mountain bike non driveside NDS

Topping it out is this 5500€ black and yellow Atom X Lynx 6 27.5 Plus Pro that jumps up to 160mm of travel to push into the eEnduro category.

BH sent around news of the new e-bikes under their own name to both our EU & US teams. That led us to guess that the eMTBs might come in under the BH mantle in the US as well. But looking at the new Atom Xs, they forego any major BH branding. And it looks like they will stay under the E Motion brand in the US, at least for the time being.



    • but everyone in my social group agrees with me so that must mean that is actually how the market is. I mean it isnt like i could be wrong or short sighted about a topic 🙂

  1. 60-70% of the mountain bikes on many of the popular riding areas in Europe are motorized. I have heard this from a few sources, this sh*t is coming to america and it won’t be as funny as the movie. The ‘general population’ is fat, and no amount of 6+k mopeds will drag their lazy a**es out into the hills to save the bike industry, not in this country anyway. These mopeds are not for the un-riders to magically transform them into mountain bikers, I see this for the cycling poseurs that shuttle their bikes whenever possible, make weekend jaunts to the chair lifts so they can shred hard and sweat less. Like GMO, big companies that can afford the research and development see this as a ‘good thing’ and we will see a serious ramp up in force feeding until even your riding buddies are giving in.

  2. Maybe the way to approach it is this, NO MOTORIZED vehicles on the trails. We have a massive trail network here (Bend OR) and i don’t see gas powered vehicles on it, so why allow electric powered vehicles?

    For my part, i have just ducked out of BIKERUMOR. I am a long time reader but have no interest in eBikes of any kind and that is a larger portion of the posting every month. That is fine and it may even be indicative of our changing population, but for my part, no thanks. – deleted from bookmarks

  3. Ebikes are the future, the bike industry knows this all to well.
    That’s why so many companies are spending buku dollars on development.
    I don’t see this as a bad thing, increasing the mtb community is good for all of us.
    Currently our voice is a mouse a squeak compared to those trying to get mtb bikes banned and trails closed.
    Even if fat mom and pop get off the couch, get a couple Ebikes and take the kids riding, maybe those kids will get hooked…and their kids get hooked.
    What if that doctor or attorney, seniors, beginners, woman….those that thought ” no way could I climb that hill” now get into mtbing….how can that be a bad thing.
    As mountain bikers we need a louder stronger voice, Ebikes are a great avenue to draw in greater numbers.
    Take a hard look at what has happened to the dirt bike industry in the past 20 years with land closures…it’s been on downward spiral…..mountain biking could be next.

    • Why is there a mentalitiy that you need to draw more people into the sport? It’s pretty popular as it is and more people will mean more crowded locations.
      The only ones who want more people are companies selling the bikes and equipment.

      The only place I’d like to see more people is road bike and commuting because it will reduce number of cars.

    • The “moto” part of your name shows you are pro-motorcycle. So of couse you a approve. In my neck of the woods the dirt bike industry has declined due to a lack of places to ride. Where I used to ride my YZ (15yrs ago) is now suburbia. I needed a fair bit of room to get a moto ride in as we would traverse quite a bit of distance. Not quite so on a MTB. Noise wise when leaving home I don’t bother my neighbours on a bicycle, whereas riding to the trailhead on a 250 would have next door calling the police. But I digress with all of that. Rather, Moto9 what you are saying is, “let’s displace mountain bikers with electric (pedal assist) motorcycles. MTB trails are finding their place and local councils are turning once illegal areas into legitimate trails. Do you really think “fat mom and kids” are going to be bothered loading all up, remembering to charge batteries, change flat tires on the trail and cope with the required upper body strength? The bike industry are pushing ebikes as the future. The more people find they have to push an ebike up a hill when the battery goes flat the sooner idea that “E” gives equity to the unfit, the sooner these things will become the focus of commuters and fade out on the trails.

  4. As a 61 year old rider that has trashed his right meniscus (years of youth sports and a number of mtb crashes), yet still love to ride off road, an ebike has become the only remaining solution. Why can’t I enjoy the trails on an ebike like everyone else does? I will not be on the highly technical trails I used to be on, so fear not.

  5. I bought an Atom X lynx 5 in May. I am writing this message to complain about the complete inefficiency of BH’s after-sales service. To date 7 September I will be able to make at most a fortnight of outputs. At first I had problems with the battery that went into a short circuit and I had to replace it. The problem arose because I am in Greece for work, and despite having activated the guarantee Bh (and being in the European community) I had to provide for my expenses to the battery (and also to return it to me). Total 200 euros. Because of the bureaucratic procedure (I need a special document to send the battery by air) and the delay in the answers, I received the new battery after about 2 months from the battery damage. Not even 2 weeks later the engine was “gripped”. Bike completely unserviceable. The Bh service told me to speak with the store where I bought the bike (Bicimarket in Barcelona) saying that they have to take care of the problem and the store no longer responds to emails. Moral I will have to wait to go back to Italy in October and try to resolve the issue by legal means. The bike deserves, but if it breaks down then it start the troubles!!

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