Eurobike is in full swing, and we have been spying all manner of new gear. Some of it is crazier than others, and some will take a bit more time to get into the details after we are done running around the Zeppelin halls like crazy people.

Until then we’ll offer some daily teasers. Here are some unique bits and bobbles that I’ve spotted on the show floor and will warrant a more thorough look in the coming weeks. So for now have a look and be enticed, like with this wacky drop bar from Japanese company Veno that we spotted on a TRed mountain bike. Drop bars don’t get much curvier than these, but with a tiny drop and a bit of a rise they could be a good monster cross bar.

Who else could be more appropriate to make a plus-sized tire eMTB than a motorcycle company. As much flak as some companies get for producing e-bikes, you can’t fault Ducati for just making a more light duty motorized bike.

Bag maker Restrap makes good use of magnetic closures in their bikepacking bags. Well, they have found some similar applications in more classic touring bags. With a new tubular rack in the works, the pannier & randonneur bags snap right into place in a matter of seconds. They stay secure as you ride, but are a breeze to quickly snap off and go.

3T seems not to shy away from developing new ideas into real products. They’ve given their road bar range a bit of an overhaul and the biggest change is this SuperGhiaia alt bar. Intended for the gravel market the flared carbon drop bar gets a completely different flared shape depending on whether you opt for the narrow or wide version.

BMC is one of many to put together a nicely finished looking eMTB with integrated battery design and a relatively compact look. This Speedfox Amp One takes the same suspension design of their 27.5+ eMTB but gives it meaty 29er wheels for more rollover.

Campagnolo also has very quietly rolled out an update, that will go a long way to making fast gravel riders happy. While they introduced an 11-32 gearing option with the new Potenza disc brake group, we were told at the time that the premium carbon groups wouldn’t be compatible with the wider cassette. That seems to be out the window now, as we spotted mid cage Chorus & Record mechanical derailleurs capable of the wider gear range, and have been told even Super Record will offer a 11-32 compatibility option.

That’s all for my first day through the show. Keep checking back for more Eurobike coverage, plus feel free to come back here in the coming weeks, as we will link to more detailed coverage of these small bits.


    • I’m pretty sure it has to do with the explosion of aero bikes that have completely integrated cockpits that do not allow for spacers underneath the stem (see the new venge). Yes, this trend looks hideous.

    • It’s likely stiffer than a tall stem and surely stiffer than a tall steerer tube…if you’re the type to put a drop bar on a mountain bike.

      • That always strikes me as odd logic. Given how overbuilt steerer tubes are even 70mm of spacers will have a negligible effect on flex unless your surname is Odinson. It reminds of when mtbs got very carried away with having the lowest stack height possible, until Greg Minnaar carried on winning with 50mm of spacers and high rise bars.

    • I think it’s a personal preference thing. This bar looks like the Soma Condor bar which while it looks odd I’ve heard rides really really nice. Effectively gives you a shallower dropper in relation to the stem. yes, you can go spend $$$ on a fancy new stem or more spacers under your current one, but for most people they spent that money and cut their steerer.

      I have yet to ride it, so I can’t make too many comments/claims. Just know people have bought them and like them.

      • Actually, Borlerless carbon handle bar (Veno is bland name) is made by carbon which has released in the Japanese market before Soma Condor bar. (Aluminum) . we had typical comments from user that got more tire traction, ride braket and lower handle in comfortable position as well as high stablity on the gravel road by high absorbability of curved design.

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