Three days into Eurobike teasers and I’ve come back around to complete bikes again for a quick look. The FABike T2 is the next generation of the company’s titanium flexible adjustable all road bike concept. Besides an update to the latest standards this show bike gets a custom paint job, plus a sweet rack to store/display it in your living room.

Stoll caught our eye a few years ago building prototype carbon bikes for other companies and had their own full suspension mountain bike last year. Now they go back to light & simple with the 780g claimed R1 carbon hardtail which gets built in the mold as one piece.

Check out the new bike in detail here.

Bionicon isn’t only about adjustable air suspension. This new Mashup aluminum all road/gravel bike looks like it ticks all the mixed surface road and adventure boxes, while coming in at a good prricepoint thanks to the alloy construction. Oh, and it isn’t the only new bike they had at the show. 

We’ve already seen Merida’s Silex comfortable carbon all road bike. But it looks like some more build options are possible, plus a full set of backpacking bags purpose made just for the Silex.

Storck is always about light weight, so it was not a huge surprise to hear that they had gotten the second generation Aernario 2 down to less than 1kg for a frameset. Only available in this limited edition build at 5.46kg/12.0lb, it’ll set you back the same as a new Ferrari (seriously.)

Check out the new bike in detail here.

Ridley doesn’t like cables apparently. We already saw the new Noah SL+ Disc which routes everything internally starting inside the bar/stem combo, back behind a special D-shaped steerer tube into the frame a directly out to the derailleurs and brake calipers. Electronic or mechanical, hydraulic disc brake or rim brakes; there’s options here to make any bike mechanic break out in a sweat.

So I can’t round up a day of impressions from Eurobike without at least one e-bike. The show is literally being overrun by them this year. Ghost’s new Lector X S5.7+ carbon hardtail eMTB is a pretty good example. 27.5+. Check. Shimano E8000 motor. Check. Reshaped downtube to try and hide the battery. Check. All in though it claims to be one of the lightest, racier options out there to get you up the hills with e-assist.

That’s it for day three. Check out our full Eurobike 2017 coverage for a detailed look at some other kit now, and these bikes to come in the next weeks.


  1. As a 165cm guy with short T.Rex arms, I’m really digging all these drop bar mountain bikes. Putting drops on a regular mountain bike just won’t do for people like me. A normal XC frame in XS is still too long for drops.

  2. I guess I’ve reached my bike stuff limit. I haven’t seen one thing from Eurobike that gave me the “wants”. I’m at that point where I’m 98% content with my ride, a Mason Definition, and how it’s appointed. Now if Shimano ever comes out with a road single set up like the SRAM Force 1, my ears will prick up. I prefer Shimano over SRAM but not enough to ever put 22 gears on my bike again.

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