In terms of breathable, lightweight rain jackets, it’s hard to get more advanced than those made from Gore-Tex Active Shakedry material. By removing the outer face fabric, Gore-Tex was able to create their lightest and most breathable material to date. The only problem? The outer PTFE layer is very hard to color. That means all of the Shakedry jackets have been black or black.

EB17: Gore Shakedry jackets get more colorful along with a full new Enduro line, more

However, the waterproof wizards at Gore have added a few new tricks to the Shakedry line. Now, the outer layer can be made in shades of blue as well as less black (grey). While it adds options for consumers, blue and grey still don’t do much for visibility, so Gore is adding a few model with Gore-Tex Active panels on the arms with high viz colors. Figuring that riders will trade a bit of breathability at their wrists for improved visibility, the resulting color combinations drastically increases the sku count for the Shakedry lineup.

The 2 layer Shakedry technology will still be available in the 1985 as well which is an homage to the original Gore-Tex Giro jacket from 1985, above, left. Worn by the Superconfex team which later became Rabobank in the 1987 Tour de France, the modern 1985 gives a nod to the original with orange details internally. Fitting a bit looser than the Gore-Tex Active jacket, in total there are four options between men and women.

And while we weren’t allowed to take any photos, we are allowed to say that Gore-Tex has a pretty exciting advancement in waterproof material on the way. Coming soon will be a stretchy, no, extremely stretchy version of their waterproof membrane which will maintain the garment’s resistance to moisture but drastically aid in making tight fitting yet comfortable waterproof gear. If you’ve never liked the fit of your rain jacket because it’s either too tight or billowing in the wind, relief is on the way.

Over on the MTB side, Gore was showing the New Rescue jacket which offers more water protection and a full zip when compared to the previous Rescue jacket. With taped seams and a full Gore-Tex membrane, the jacket is completely waterproof, where the previous was water resistant (no taped seams and Windstopper fabric), yet it still weighs in at just 110-120g and packs into the chest pocket. Along with reflective hits, the jacket includes high viz accents for increased visibility without looking like a traffic cone.

Admittedly, Gore’s clothing has always been heavily influence by the European market which means it hasn’t always translated that well into U.S. sales. Their new Enduro/All Mountain range aims to change that with simple jerseys in three sleeve lengths and three levels of shorts. All of the pieces are available in men’s or women’s, but the ladies get a sleeveless jersey in lieu of the short sleeve on the men’s side.

The shorts are divided into a lightweight three season model with a water resistant coating, dual snap closure, waist grippers, a handful of pockets, and unique two way leg vent/leg opening zipper. There is also a Windstopper panel over the seat pad for weather protection and they’ll sell for $99.

The Windstopper shorts are meant to be worn as a stand alone short over a bib liner, and are a better option for cold, wet riding at $120.
Finally, a light weight short is meant for hot riding with an almost board short like feel for $89. All three sell without a liner but Gore has a short or bib liners available separately.
EB17: Gore Shakedry jackets get more colorful along with a full new Enduro line, more
And because #winteriscoming, Gore was showing this new Windstopper Cup. The name is no KuKu Penthouse, but it gets the point across – the design is to keep your bits from freezing in the wind and adds a more forgiving “preformed cup to prevent unwanted compression.”


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