The DIY glue-the-sensors-yourself Powerbeat powermeter from Watteam has just come down in price again. We’ve been using it for a few months now and have gotten great results, as long as you remember to keep it charged. And besides their core two-sided, dual-leg power measurement, Watteam have just added a new option to get single-leg power metering with a new left cranks option only for even lower price.

Watteam Powerbeat Single, one-sided power meter

The new Powerbeat Single at just $260€ makes it a pretty easy option to start training with power. It’s a simple left crank arm only installation. Glue the sensor onto your own aluminum crank arm. Bolt the small pod with electronics between your pedal spindle and the crank and you are off to train.

The Powerbeat Single isn’t available just yet. It uses the same electronics, but you’ll have to preorder now with expected official roll-out slated for the first week of November 2017. Then if down the road you want to add dual-side measurement, Watteam will sell you an upgrade kit (for another $260€) with a second sensor & the electronics that can be added to your driveside crank arm.

Watteam Powerbeat Dual, two-sided power meter

While the new Single brings the cost of entry even lower, Watteam has also dropped a hundred bucks off the price of their core two-sided power meter. Now for just $400€ you get real two-leg, dual-sided direct power metering with the Powerbeat Dual. You get individual power measurement, power balance & torque efficiency for about as low of a price as anything on the market.

Watteam Powerbeat 2pack, pair of two-sided power meters

Watteam also added a new $700€ 2pack option to make it even cheaper for riders looking to put a powermeter on more than one bike. It even works if you’ve got a teammate or buddy who wants to get dual-sided power metering at the same time. Watteam saves money in selling one kit with one set of accessories to guide you through installation on two cranksets. You get an even lower price per unit. Everyone wins.

Watteam services

If you don’t like the thought of epoxying the strain gauges onto an alloy crankset on your own, Watteam is now offering a new US-only service where they’ll do it for you. For $100 including shipping, you will send them your crankset. Starting in November 2017, they will glue the sensors on, run an initial calibration, and ship the functional power meter back to you. (In 2018, they hope to expand the install service abroad, as well.)

All of the Watteam powermeters communicate with ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart to work with pretty much all cycling computers on the market, or most smartphones. The sensors are epoxied in place to a aluminum crankset that you provide. The electronics & communications are in small pods that attach with a bracket that hangs on your pedal spindle between the pedal & crank arm. Each side has an internal rechargeable battery that promises up to 60hrs of ride time, and are relatively easy to recharge on the bike via USB. So far they are rated for road use only, although Watteam recently expanded on that to include gravel and cyclocross (just not mountain biking so far.)


  1. I wouldn’t use that for cyclocross or mixed road beating due to the little wire that could get snagged and torn off. Looking forward to reading some comparison and accuracy testing vs. Stages.

  2. This design is too long in the tooth to have that vulnerable and ugly wire hanging. I’d buy this asap for my TT bike but at only ~$100 cheaper than a good used stages ($360-380 on eBay) I’ll pass until they get a finished product.

  3. Hi Riders,

    We have tested the POWERBEAT in the road, cyclocross and off-road terrain, in all 3 cases the POWERBEAT including the cable have proven to be most durable, so no need to be worried there.
    In the rare cases where the cable has broken, we have made sure that the customer will receive a new sensor. In most of these cases, we’ve noticed the lack of use of the sensor cable protection strip, which holds the cable down and keeps it from moving around.
    If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at

    Safe rides,

  4. I think this is a tough sell, especially with the big decrease in prices for other power meters in the last year or so. You can pick up a Power2Max power meter right now for $549, and all if it’s wires will be sealed in the unit, not hanging off.

    I think Watteam needs to offer a more clean design and/or a lower price to be competitive in the increasingly more competitive power meter market.

  5. its a neat design for a self install unit. Considering that its also a true left right balance unit the dual side option is very competitively priced. For MTB I would prefer to have the pod mounted on the top side of the crank arm (i.e. opposite to where it is mounted in the pictures supplied) so it doesn’t impact on the trail when pedaling up steep rocky climbs. For a road or TT bike I wouldn’t hesitate to use a Powerbeat.

  6. I might get one, though I like my 4iiii meter on my road bike. I hate the charging part…much prefer coin cell battery as I don’t have to travel with a charger with proprietary connections.

    Some sites have 10% off, which is enticing

  7. Dang, so close. I have a 6700 crank that doesn’t list as compatible. By the time I get a 6800 arm and the kit, I’m nearing the cost of the 4iiii. I wish I could afford to keep my bikes more up to date.

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