Based in the south of France, Urge Bike Products keeps popping up with ever more good-looking, affordable mountain bike helmets. The Tourair is the latest and most pared down we seen from Urge. Stripped back to the basics and without their signature visor, the well-vented Tourair was first a cross-country helmet. But it can just as easily cross over to road and gravel riding, too.

Urge Tourair affordable vented XC & gravel bike helmet

In fact, that’s what Urge’s crew did to ride test it over the hot summer in Provence. They hopped on some gravel bikes to hit the tracks climbing away from the coast in Le Lavandou, France. Now all of sudden they might be gravel converts, and might not be able to call themselves a mountain bike only helmet company any longer.

The Tourair is a pretty standard classic vented design. At just 253g (for a medium) and a retail price of 59€, it’s hard to think of a much better deal.

The XC (& more) helmet uses industry standard in-mold EPS construction to meet US & EU safety standards, and a dial closure retention system for a secure fit. The Tourair features 21 total vents. The three front-facing and two more across the top also integrate nylon netting to keep insects off your head.

The new Tourair will be available direct from Urge starting in November 2017. It comes in four colors – yellow, red, green & black – and in two sizes – S/M & L/XL.


  1. As long as the aerodynamics aren’t terrible, it seems like a great balance of price, looks, and weight. I hope my local shop carries them so I can try one on.

    Their XC helmet (the SupaCross) looks slick as well.

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