Maryland’s Truth BMX has recently added two new frames to their lineup. One is aimed at serious racers, while the other targets freestyle riders. With the addition of the new titanium Main Event, Truth’s flagship race bike is now available in almost every common frame material. For cutting edge street riders experimenting with BMX’s latest major innovation, two new 22” wheeled street frames are just rolling out as well…

Ti Main Event

Truth BMX, Main Event titanium frame, seatmast gusset

Truth seems quite happy with their race bike geometry. So instead of tweaking geo, they’ve been expanding into different materials. You can get a Main Event frame built from aluminum, carbon, or now titanium too.

Truth BMX decided to build the ti Main Event because of the classically desirable properties of the material for BMX. They say the lifespan of a ti frame is five times longer than chromoly or aluminum, and it’s at least 28% stiffer than chromoly providing more power to the pedals. Of course, it also shapes up significantly lighter than chromoly, too.

Truth BMX Main Event titanium frame, BB Truth BMX Main Event titanium frame, head tube

The titanium Main Event is built just like the other material versions, with a tapered headtube and 20mm dropouts. One thing that is unique to the ti frame is its subtle laser etched graphics.

The new Ti frame’s geometry remains unchanged from Truth BMX’s ‘race-winning’ formula. While the Junior and Cruiser bikes differ a bit, all Expert and Pro models run 74.5° head tubes and 70° seat tubes. Truth’s website has a complete geo chart which includes the top tube/chainstay lengths for all sizes.

Gotta be happy with your weights when a company list the worst case scenario. The frame is claimed at just 3.5lbs for the largest available 24” Pro XXL frame. The new ti Main Event will be available in all sizes, from Mini to 24” Pro XXL. The titanium frames are made-to-order only, and retail at $1400.

22” street frames

Truth BMX 22" Street frame, Mechanicsville model on box

If you prefer to hop and grind your way through the urban jungle vs. pumping bumps & berms, Truth BMX also makes street frames. The latest 22” street models hop on board with the new 22″ wheel trend that’s recently hit the BMX world. Not surprisingly these frames feature longer top tubes than Truth’s existing street bikes; the Hollywood model measures up at 22.11”, and the Mechanicsville version comes with a 21.6” top tube.

Truth’s Street frames are made from 100% 4130 chromoly steel, and feature butted top and down tubes, with gussets for extra strength. The head tubes, BB shells, and dropouts are all CNC machined, plus an integrated seat clamp. The 22” Street frame accepts integrated headsets, offers removable gyro tabs & U-brake mounts, and can fit tires up to 22×2.4” wide. Dropouts are hefty 6mm thick and slotted for 14mm axles.

Truth BMX 22" Street frame, Hollywood model, studio
*images c. Truth BMX

Geometry-wise, the 22” Hollywood and Mechanicsville frames run a 74.25° head tube and 71° seat tube. Chainstays are 14.25” long (center-to-center). The new long frames are now available in Black, Chrome, or Raw for $330.


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