So this isn’t for everyone, but for those who need to securely haul longer, bulkier items on a bike, the new T-Rack bike rack attachment might be your solution. For people who use a bike to move around town, it can often be a struggle of lashing gear to your bike in hopes that odd-shaped things like a skateboard, hockey stick, tennis racket or other long gear will still be attached when you get to your destination.

T-Rack multi-purpose bulky item bike rack attachment

The design team behind the T-Rack are a group of friends that between them run separate skate and e-bike shops in Vienna. And with crossover between the two – riding both boards & bikes – they were never satisfied with strapping a board to a bike rack. And knew they could do better.

So enter the T-Rack, a simple but sturdy aluminum clamp that you secure to any standard rear rack. With a simple spring-loaded hinge, a thick rubber gripper, and a stainless steel clamping latch the T-Rack claims to be able to haul anything from fishing rod to skateboard, with plenty of other sporting equipment in between. Oh yeah, and it includes a bottle opener, because why not?

As odd as it sounds, I’d love to haul my cross-country skis & poles in a T-Rack. With winter only around the corner here in Prague, we will again have a lit, groomed XC ski track in a city park on the other side of town from our EU HQ. And it would be great to pedal straight there after work to get in some proper outdoor winter training.

But I guess with expected March delivery, I’ll have to wait for next season. A single T-Rack backed on Kickstarter will cost you 70€, plus affordable shipping (although it looks like you can still get the Launch Day special if you act fast to save ten bucks.) If your bike doesn’t already have a rack, there are bundle options as well.

Win a T-Rack with #whatwouldyoucarry

Oh, and if you want to enter to win a free T-Rack, all you need to do is get creative imagining what you could carry. Find out more and enter at T-Rack’s Facebook as soon as possible, with winners picked on November 26. #whatwouldyoucarry


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