The title says it all – Just Another Whistler Edit. Well, if you’r Bernard Kerr, it’s just another edit.

For mere mortals it’s a an epic mashup of creative lines, big airs, and stoppie landings. What makes the clip even better is that this was on Whistler’s closing day after Bernard sat out half the season with a shoulder injury sustained during a nasty crash earlier this year. Great to see you back Bernard!

Cyclocross season is in full swing, and naturally Kerry Werner is out banging bars on his Kona Super Jake. Coming in fourth and third during the two day Charm City CX weekend (and second overall in the US National CX Series), Kona and Ricoh Riot put together this fun little edit to commemorate the occasion.

It’s crazy to think that Road iD had been around for 18+ years, but the “stainless steel nameplate on a bracelet” company was one of, if not the first companies to really push carrying along recognizable identification on your rides. The video above tells the story of how the company got started, but it’s also quite amusing and very well done.


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