On a recent sloppy ride I was quickly reminded how effective simple mud guards like the D.Fender can be. They won’t provide any where near the coverage of a full fender set, but they will keep most of the crud out of your face – which is especially important if you’re a contact lens wearer like me.

All photos c. Jarrod Bunk/D.FENDER

Which begs the question – if gravel bikes are blending the line between road and mountain bikes, then why not offer a fender fit for a Gravelking? Originally part of a special batch for the Keystone Gravel event this year, D.FENDER has decided to offer up a limited run of V.4 gravel fenders to the public. Designed to fit rigid gravel forks as well as the Lauf Grit, the V.4 Gravel is short enough to clear downtubes, yet long enough that it should keep the spray out of your eyes. Available for $16.99, as usual it’s made in the USA.

Along with the V.4 Gravel, D.FENDER has reworked their V.3 in order to better fit everything up to a 27.5 x 3.25″. Citing a desire to create a fender that fits most fork and wheel size combinations, the V.3 should work with older fox forks as well as the new Fox 34 and 36, RockShox Pike Boost, and more. Made in the USA, the fender has a two year warranty and is available with orange, blue, white, or green logos – or completely blank. All colors sell for $17.99 and are available now.




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