Last fall Otto Design Works kickstarted their coiling band style combination lock into reality. They pulled in more than 7x their crowdfunding target for the lightweight Ottolock. In the time since the lock made it out to backers last spring, they’ve continued to develop & refine the product and have an improved version two lock ready to secure your bike.

Ottolock V2 light combination band-clamp bike lock

The new version of the Ottolock keeps the basics of the original untouched, while improving based on feedback from early backers, their in-house team & a handful of pro athlete test partners. So you still get the lightweight protection of the multiple layers of high temper stainless steel protected by Kevlar fibers that makes the 18mm wide Ottolock band flexible while retaining high resistance to cutting. That makes it more secure than a conventional coiled cable lock. And also packs down small enough to stuff in a saddlebag or jersey pocket for short cafe ride stops.

What’s new in version 2?


The most obvious outward change is probably the small black tip on the locks. It may seem like a minor difference, but hidden inside is an updated construction to make the band tip stand up better to daily wear & tear resulting from the flexing of all the separate layers moving around inside for cyclists coiling & uncoiling the lock several times a day.


The resettable 3 digit combination locking mechanism body also gets a more subtle overhaul. The new design delivers smoother operation of the ratcheting latching, while retaining its security. The body also gets a new Cerakote finish, with a tougher matte ceramic paint that is more chip & scratch resistant.

The whole lock continues US production, made in Oregon. This has allowed Otto to quickly make updates and improve the overall product. The Ottolock is still available in the same three colors – Stealth Black, Flash Green & Otto Orange. It also still comes in three lengths of 18″, 30″ & 60″ for retail prices of $55, $65 & $75 and claimed weights of 120g, 155g & 235g, respectively. (Pricing has been updated to reflect current retail prices.) All locks available now from Otto directly include the latest updates.


  1. Morten knudsen on

    Love(d) my 18” from the kickstaeter campagin, unfortuynatly i had to wait 3-4 months for it and lost ii only a few months later (too light so i din’t noticed it was gone from my pocket until later the day..) Just recived a new 30” – and i can see its a v2 (still oragne) – shipping from the US to Europe is unfortunately slow and stupid expensive but love the lock.

  2. Garrett on

    We loved ours, till our 8 month old tossed it out of the cargo bike. I need to order a new one.

    The best lock to have in your pocket or to supplement a stronger lock.

    • Adam on

      ALL locks can be broken. Otto was just super clever in designing one that was particularly strong relative to size and weight. Most stolen bikes get stolen as the rider just did not lock them (guick stop at a coffee shop etc). Otto solves this, love mine!

  3. mudrock on

    I got the original, the tip was too flexible and it broke off so they sent me another. Good customer service. Glad they addressed that weakness.


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