CeramicSpeed has a knack for outrageously priced derailleur pulleys. Earlier this year, they unveiled their lighter, but more importantly more durable, 3D printed titanium pulleys for Shimano derailleurs. The wheels use an oversized design (OSPW) with 13 and 19t, and utilizes 3D printing to create a hollow pulley wheel that ends up about 10g lighter than aluminum but with twice the life span. The set includes a carbon reinforced PA (Polyamide) derailleur cage with three sing settings designed to fit the oversized wheels, and it’s meant for up to 32t cassettes. Even with twice the durability of their aluminum pulleys (which are more durable than stock), you’re still paying a premium with a $1,700 price tag.

Fortunately, you can get many of the same benefits for just $499/$599 for the uncoated and coated aluminum versions. Using the same 13t upper and 19t lower OSPW design, the wheels are CNC machined and available in black and red – both in coated and uncoated bearing races with the coated products claiming an even longer life span.

CeramicSpeed claims any of their OSPW cages reduce friction by 40% compared to the stock Campagnolo wheels and cages, and are up to 3-5x more durable. All three versions are compatible with Campagnolo Record mechanical, Record EPS, Super Record mechanical, Super Record EPS, and Potenza mechanical derailleurs.




  1. If Bentley can sell Mulliner Edition vehicles, I see no reason Ceramicspeed won’t have a market too… on the bikes mounted on top of Bentley Mulliner Edition vehicles.

  2. LOL why not $ 17 000? Whoever would buy these at $ 1700 is for sure not price sensitive, so they might just as well charge x10 the amount.

    The only reason why these are priced at this price point is to get the attention of everyone, aka marketing.

      • You are absolutely correct, but the fact is that you don’t need to buy the machines (the printers) in order to use them. Many printer manufacturers and all contract manufacturers offers anyone the service of print-on-demand, meaning you don’t need to buy the printers to use them.

        • Strangley such a garment kind of exists. Took 8 years and a thousand spiders making gold silk. Was in the V&A . Doubtful somebody wiped themselves with it though

  3. The coating is applied to the races, same as with all coated bearings from CeramicSpeed. It is a very thin, hardened metallic coating that seals, smooths, & protects the stainless steel surface of the pulley bearing races (hardened steel for other bearings they produce). I know this is the first CeramicSpeed product you have covered, and I’m sure you didn’t have any time to ask or research what the coating is, so you can be executed for the lame ‘oh these are expensive haha’ article.

  4. For this much money they should be more aero, with that massive pulley and extra chain catching the wind they should be notably higher drag. What about the watts? How many watts will I save, is it enough to compensate for the aero losses?

  5. These are stupid. Please, nobody buy these, or any of their other BS unnecessary products. It’s all HYPE. Just replace your existing pulleys every year and you’ll be fine.

  6. best upgrade ever took 2/10ths of my pb for a 100km tt awesome, that hot chick at the finish line, im dating now!. Gee i even upgraded the bearings in my juicer to ceramicspeed bearings easy 10% nutritional gain rumor has it that they are developing bearings to replace the ones in my shifters for another 1/10 cant wait, take my money

  7. The irony is that the people who can actually justify these parts i.e it’s there job to win races which often come down hundreds of a second or mms difference between first and second, are usually sponsored and not worried about the costs.

    • Teams care about costs and sponsors aren’t money trees. Unless given these by ceramicspeed at cost (which is likely very low) no team would run them

      • Some teams do run the regular ceramic speed stuff. Cannondale would always run the regular OSPW system with the aluminum jockey wheels.

        The marginalist of marginal gains to be made from the regular OSPWs to 3D printed Ti.

        • Correct, although I highly doubt they were paying the $500-600 msrp the regular OSPW system retails for, especially as I believe ceramicspeed sponsors the cannondale team

  8. Somebody needs to explain to me the premise that Aluminum pulleys are more durable than stock. I have had Shimano and SRAM pulleys last 20,000 kms and still been spinning fine. I have had derailleurs fail far more often than I wear out pulleys.

  9. Well I think they are cool . I would buy them if $1700 was a tiny number compaired to my bank balance.10million would be a fair number . But the right price for me is $250 for this. Other people will have different amounts and a few will have $1700.( and it is great marketing for their regular lines ). 5k seems reasonable for a rolex compered to the 20k one next to it ,but doesn’t seem reasonble if sitting by my $80 kickstarter watch. Also It is good that companies push the design tech envelope . Because if it is better,eventually the tech will trickle down along with the astronomical price. Somehow I don’t envisage this as standard on the next 7 year super record product cycle. Maybe after that this could be the next ” improvement” to be upsold to new faster smoother groupset. Unfortunately for campagnolo My 6year old record group still has many years of life left.

  10. Aren’t they going to tell me how many watts I’m losing and how much faster I’ll be on a 40k time trial? Those are stats that I need to know before I sell a kidney and buy some jockey wheels on my commuter.

  11. CS has failed in the real world of marketing by making these parts available… the imagination is more stimulated by seeing but not being able to acquire them… by overpricing these baubles they expose their lack of understanding the cyclist mentality… unobtanium over outrageous is the real pied piper methodology… rapha has the same defect..

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