When faced with cold temps, slushy wet roads, and trails that cycle between freeze & thaw the biggest obstacle we face to continuing riding through winter is our feet. But it seems like this year more than we can remember there are more options for performance road and mountain bike winter cycling shoes. Sidi is the latest to hit us up with new cold weather options in their Zero Gore road & MTB Frost Gore shoes. Now these aren’t for super subzero expeditions. For that you’d be better served looking for something a bit more insulated.

Zero Gore waterproof road bike winter shoes

Both Sidi’s winter road shoe and their waterproof mountain bike shoe are built with the same tech and on the same last. They share a traditionally Italian shaped upper made from a mix of synthetic leather and mesh, with a reinforced heel. Don’t be too worried by the mesh. Underneath there is a full Gore-Tex membrane for waterproofing, and the mesh helps keep them breathable. But there isn’t really additional insulation, so maybe size up for a heavier merino sock.

The road boots get Sidi’s Millennium 5 injection molded carbon-reinforce nylon sole. It offers respectable pedaling stiffness, and includes a replaceable heel tread block.

MTB Frost Gore waterproof mountain bike winter shoes

Closure on both shoes is a combination of a velcro toe strap and a double loop of a wire closure with Sidi’s Tecno-3 dial buckle. Then around the ankle a large neoprene cuff closes over the widely gussetted tongue, tight against your leg with velcro to hold it in place.

The mountain bike shoe gets Sidi’s MTB Competition sole which is nylon with mostly non-replaceable rubber tread blocks. The small front toe block that tends to wear out fastest, is replaceable though, and can accept screw in toe spikes.

MTB Breeze Rain waterproof mountain bike winter shoes

A cheaper MTB Breeze Rain model be a better option for colder mountain bike rides. It drops the more expensive but breathable Gore-Tex and mesh upper for more synthetic PVC based fabric that still claims to offer weather protection, and adds in a Raintex wind & waterproof membrane.


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