Riding year round in all manners of weather, we often struggle with ways to keep our feet dry & warm. For years veloToze has offered a specially-designed, reinforced latex cover to stretch over road shoes, but no option for off-road. Now those shoe condoms are available for mountain bikers, with two different versions to seal your foot inside, and foul weather out where it belongs.

veloToze Tall MTB reinforced latex shoe covers

VeloToze shoe covers are a pretty simply product – a specially reinforced latex sock that stretches over your shoe to seal out the weather. This isn’t something that breathes at all,  but serves to more important job of keeping all wind & water out. Until now the road versions have been too tight to fit over a lugged mountain bike shoe, didn’t have cutouts for MTB tread and cleats, and were too fragile to survive any off-road walking. Since we do almost all of our winter road & gravel riding with mountain bike shoes for the inevitable times when you have to walk, MTB versions are a welcome veloToze addition.

The new MTB-specific versions get a thicker reinforced bottom so they should last, even when you will need to get off to put a foot down or the unavoidable short hike-a-bike in wet & slippery weather. The $20 Tall version extends high up the calf to cover your sock as well, but takes a bit more effort to stretch into place. You actually put these on before your shoe, stretching the cover back down over the shoe to keep dry.

veloToze Short MTB reinforced latex shoe covers

The $17 Short version is more of something you can take along on a ride in a pocket, saddle bag, or hydration pack. When it starts to rain or end up at a bunch of creek crossings, pop them out and pull into place directly over your shoes.

Both natural latex rubber covers (in black only for now) are going to keep all wind & water out, as well trapping enough heat inside to keep feet warm in mildly cool temps. They are pretty thin, so don’t expect them to survive years of abuse. But at twenty bucks or less, they are cheaper than most any regular shoe cover, super compact, and with a proper mountain bike option now should offer another way to stay warm & dry through the colder & wetter months.



  1. EN on

    Velotoze are garbage, unless you want to shell out for a new pair every ride. Both these and the road version are great in theory but crap in execution. Recently ran a pair of these (on MTB) and they didn’t last an hour. A small rock flicked up on a descent and cut the latex. When there is a cut they are impossible to remove without completely destroying them. Trash. Don’t wast your money.

  2. Crash Bandicoot on

    These are cool but honestly velotoze are such a pain to put on and breathe terribly so while your feet My be covered they’ll be sweaty as hell. I also wonder if how well these will work considering most brands use the cleat mount and center of the shoe to put air channels in (I don’t understand why I live in hot as hell Texas and I’ve never been like ohh my feet need air). I’ll stick with my tried and true thick socks with tinfoil wrapped around the front of my feet.

  3. Heffe on

    It’s great to see them expand into this area. The road versions work great for their intended application. These days I mostly use off-road pedals for almost everything, however.

  4. MIrwin on

    While they seal to your bare leg to keep the water out, unlike traditional booties, it’s a gamble on how long they will last; a few hours or a few rides. Fortunately it’s reflected in the price. I didn’t buy them again because I wanted something more reliable.

  5. dontcoast on


    Velotoze are a nice product…for a very specific application.

    Going to race for 6 hours in cold rain? Willing to drop an extra $20 on race day costs? Well worth it.

    Going for a ride for fun? Don’t like disposable plastic crap? Do not buy, there are many better options for you.

    • Rod Diaz on

      I’d stay away. My wife is seriously allergic to latex (how allergic? Latex gloves give her blisters – all the way under the fingernails). Not worth it.

      I like this product and use it, but take care of yourself – hard to get on the bike if your feet are covered in boils!


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