Abus’ new Bordo Alarm folding lock brings together heavy lock security and an ear-piercing 100dB alarm to deter theft. All of that packs down in a compact design that’s easy to strap onto your city bike or toss in a backpack.

Abus Bordo Alarm folding bar bike lock 100dB alarm

The German-made Bordo Alarm mixes the top-level solid bar security & folding design portability of their regular Bordo family, with new-to-bicycles electronics that Abus has used in motorcycle locks for years. The lock packs a precise 3D movement sensor into its head that sets off the smart 100 decibel alarm if a thief tries to defeat it or make off with the bike. The tech has been in moto disc locks for years, and Abus says it has been optimized to not go off accidentally. Specifically this bicycle iteration is calibrated to allow the normal jostling that happens from bike to bike locked up at a rack. But continued movement will set off 15 seconds of ear-piercing scream. And if movement continues, the alarm will continue to sound to deter thieves.

Available now worldwide, the $170/140€ Bordo Alarm has a Level 10 rated security level, with its 5mm thick hardened steel folding bars & links & 1450g weight. It opens to 90cm in length, making it suited for locking through a frame & single wheel to a standard rack (but probably never both wheels.) It uses Abus’ anti-pick Plus Cylinder, which can also be keyed alike with other Plus Cylinder locks to share the same keys, and includes a frame mount bracket.

The Bordo Alarm includes its CR2 battery, which is a standard size camera battery. It is easy to change when unlocked, and Abus recommends replacing it once a year. Each time you lock up, it emits a sound to confirm alarm activation. When battery power is reduced, the lock emits a different warning tone each time you engage the locking bar.

It is possible to lock the Bordo in place with or without activating the alarm, simply by how far you press in the locking bar. Push it in to lock. Push in to the second engagement to activate the alarm, confirmed with a short beep.



  1. All for stopping bike theft, but are cities are noisy enough with horrible car alarms sounding that nobody seems to care about. Connect the lock to a smart phone so when the bike is tampered with you can return to your bike and knock 12 shades out the scum bag. Maybe a set of ABUS brass knuckles to go with it.

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