Apidura has built their brand on lightweight bikepacking bags to haul everything you need for your next bike adventure. But that same tech can apply to a classic, standard size road saddle bag too, so their new Tool Pack stuffs in the bare essentials – a tube, a tool, plus a CO2.

Apidura Tool Pack bikepacking tech in a standard saddle bag

The 0.5l Tool Pack is intended to carry just the everyday essentials. You don’t need a roomy bikepacking pack on every ride. But the materials & construction of Apidura’s bags have proven spot-on in our testing, so it is nice to see them take on the standard saddle bag too.

The Tool Pack uses the same waterproof construction as their newer Expedition series bags. That means Apidura’s own dark gray waterproof coated nylon fabric and welded seams, plus rubberized black Hypalon fabric at reinforced areas where it contacts the bike for durability.

There are no zippers or buckles to fail when clogged with grit, just a fold-down closure and a single reinforced velcro strap to hold everything securely in place. Apidura also includes their standard attachment point on the back so you can strap on a blinkie light, plus adds reflective detailing for additional visibility.

The new £40 bag is sized to fit two road tubes or one for mountain bikes, plus a pair of tire levers, a compact multi-tool, and a single CO2 cylinder.



  1. Good idea, but to small for me. Something in between would be fine. Let’s say 2.0 liters or so.
    Large enough to carry Tools, a short Pump a fresh Shirt + undies.

    • Agreed. It’s a nice concept, but for people running 32-47 mm tubes, this is a tad too small to run two of them. For that use case 0.9 L should be fine.

  2. I really like the waterproof construction of their “expedition” series, having used one of their saddle packs for a bit.

    I’d agree that this is undersized, and should be more the size of the medium or large Ortlieb saddle bag.

    I do like the look of the strap in this bag by Apidura. It looks like it would be very stable.

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