Earbuds, headphones, whatever you want to call them don’t always get along with bikes. Having ears filled with sound can distract from the environment and noises from the bike. Domio latest edition aims to keep your tunes playing while allowing surrounding sounds to still be heard. It’s all in your head…

Domio tunes
photo c. Domio

Like their previous devices, the small helmet add-on blasts music into your head thanks to its micro-vibration transducer. Essentially, the Domio is the driver while the helmet acts as the speaker. So whether you’re hitting the slopes or riding trails you can keep your music blasting and still hear the world around you (and not annoy everyone close by).

Domio Headset

Domio Specs

The new device packs a 1,000mAh into a roughly 4 square-inch body which should last all day. It appears simple to use with a 3-button input system and a micro-USB port for charging. Also, Domio connects through Bluetooth and, like any other Bluetooth headset, it’s compatible with all of your favorite apps. Plus, its grippy rubber straps offer a snug fit to ensure quality audio transfer through its universal helmet mount. At $130, it’s similar in price to today’s wireless headsets but specifically designed for riders of all types.

Elevety Domio on full face

Elevety Domio, WhisperNC microphones

So what’s new since 2017?

Well, quite a lot actually. Looking back to our original post on their first edition in early 2017 the form factor has come a long way. The earlier Nest Thermostat-ish design – seen above – has been slimmed down to a bump, slightly larger than a GoPro mount. We also gain some additional input methods coming from their previous 1 button system. Other than that, the tech works the same as its predecessor. Waterproofing, shock resistance, and battery life are all the same. It appears they’ve pulled their triangular hands-free microphone attachment for this year’s offerings. We’re also noticing the previous calibration app is missing from the app store. The WhisperNC device was designed to make and receive phone calls along with using the phone’s built-in assistants and commands.



  1. Similar price my arse.
    $20-30 for a bluetooth stereo bone conduction headset.
    Im adapting an old one for my helmet right now.

    I guess if your time and imagination is worth $100 then its good, but the headset is a more compact device and also has noise cancelling, its stereo, and has full media controls.

    Drop the price to something realistic and make it fit inside a helmet and i’ll buy one.

  2. Yes, I agree that earphones do not always come handy when riding bikes. My brother just can’t survive without music…haha, he loves listening to his favorite tracks while going on his adventures. So, I’m gonna gift him this ultimate gadget for sure. It’s a brilliant idea, Thanks Domio.

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