Want the benefits of a metal water bottle with the squeezability of plastic? Until now, that hasn’t really been a possibility – but Keego seems to be changing that. The Austrian design firm wanted to make a bottle that was both metal (titanium) and squeezable – the result is Keego.

Keego promises the world's first squeezable titanium water bottle

Technically, this isn’t completely a titanium bottle. Instead, it uses a laminate construction that features 99.8% pure titanium on the inside of the bottle, and on the outside as well. In the middle is an elastic polymer core which flexes with the thin titanium sheets to allow the bottle to squeeze. The important part though, is that the water will only touch the titanium inside the bottle, and exits through a medical grade silicone nozzle. Keego promises the world's first squeezable titanium water bottle

The outside of the bottle also features a protective top coat which allows for different colors to be applied. Keego says that the colors will still allow the metallic look of the Ti to show through and that it will be a durable finish.

Keego promises the world's first squeezable titanium water bottle

Weighing in at 98g, the weight is right on par with an insulated CamelBak Podium bottle so it’s light for a metal bottle, but no lighter than most standard bike bottles. Inside you’ll be able to hold 24 oz, and the bottle is designed to fit in most bottle cages. Of course, the technology to make a squeezable titanium bottle doesn’t come cheap so the bottles are available through Kickstarter at about $55 per bottle, and will have an expected retail price around $66 each when they make it to production. Keego has already more than tripled their funding goal, and expects to deliver bottles by August, 2018,





  1. Flatbiller on

    This is great. I was really disappointed that the water bottle on my artisanal handmade frame, made by a monk in Northern California, was the only part of my bike that cost less than $50. Now the 2-hour eye-rolling story about how it took 5 years to build my bike will have a nice cherry on top: a $55 water bottle!

    Now, can anyone tell me where I can purchase canned air from the Alps?

    • IndyFab on

      Ah, the same old useless snark. I am a little disappointed you weren’t able to work in a good dentist slander.
      I wonder what bothers you so much about custom frame building? This is at least the second thread where you’ve trotted out the artisanal NorCal frame builder trope. Custom frames are bought by regular men and women for varied and ultimately self-validating reasons… some of them you may even like as people. Consistently tossing it out there as some kind of pejorative does nothing but tribalize cycling more than it already is. I don’t mind you thinking this product is too expensive, but I do object to you characterizing it as just another reflexive purchase of a class of cyclist too inauthentic to warrant your useless respect.

  2. Crash Bandicoot on

    Pft!!!! Not even painted to match my Chris King headset?!?!? Pass! I’ll wait for enve to develop some bottles made of artisanal free range carbon.

  3. moto9 on

    If it were made of Unobtanium from the moon of Pandora I’d think about it, especially if they could get it to float between the frame’s triangle.

  4. Jack Curzon on

    Seriously, what are the benefits of making a bottle of titanium over a regular plastic one? The article doesn’t quote any claims from the developers of why it might be a good idea.

    • Robin on

      The obvious benefit of making a water bottle with titanium is that 22–titanium’s atomic number–is a semi-prime number. Titanium is a prime material. When you add those two together, you get something that 1.5 prime, which way better than just prime. It’s like the difference between prime steak and 1.5 prime steak.

  5. Pinko on

    Really.? All comments are about artisanal bikes etc etc?
    Plastic has been proved to lead to several “problems” as low IQ, cancer, diabetes etc etc…
    Don’t expect your politicians to outlaw something just because it is bad. Actually since it leads to lower IQ they won’t mind.

    Titanium is one of the safest material.

    That said, I would like to know what is the 0.2 mixed with titanium and 98.2% titanium permeability.


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