In their own chainring focused white paper, Easton puts it bluntly. “Road Gearing was not made for gravel.” With larger tires of the gravel world making standard gearing effectively larger, they claim that riders often find themselves over geared with traditional gear ratios. But for those who still want the option of running a double rather than switching to a 1x with a small front ring, Easton offers up their new Gravel Shifting Rings.

Easton doubles up with new 2x direct mount Gravel Shifting Rings

Built specifically for the Easton EC90 SL crankset, the rings use a direct mount construction that forgoes the typical spider for less weight. Offered in three configurations, Easton lists the 47/32 as the ideal gravel combo, while the 46/32 is perfect for cross, and the 46/30 the set for adventure riding with big days in the saddle where the bailout gear will come in handy. Each set weighs between 182 – 194g, and Easton gives a complete crankset weight of 540g for a 172.5mm crank with 47/32t rings and no BB.

Built out of EA90 aluminum with black anodizing, the rings have a 45mm chainline and a retail price of $149.99 a set.


  1. Just need 165 cranks like everyone else makes and we’re good. 165 cranks, cinch powermeter, 47/32 rings, shut up and take my money.

  2. Please can we have cranks in alu? I have Turbine cinch cranks which are great on MTB but a bit wide for a road bike (Q=178mm)

  3. Yes on 11-23 (or 12-25), but for the old, the fat, the slow, the non-racers, give me a monster cross type combo like 42-26 or 40-24.

    • I’m fairly fit, strong and do a lot of miles, I still use 28-40 with a 685 OD wheel.

      Add altitude and bags and rolling up/down terrain and 40 to 44×11 is plenty high enough. A 40 or 42 with the right rear block is used like a 1x most of the time, plus a 28 or 30 bail gear for steepest stuff or big climbs on day 3 onwards. If you’re going to build an adventure bike, may as well make it work for actual adventures as well as day rides.

  4. I’d prefer adding back the 45g weight saving from the “extra” material for flexibility in combing rings to sits my needs and not the perceived needs of Easton/Race Face. Like 48/30

  5. Bravo Easton! I wouldn’t be surprised to Shimano drop an Ultegra Sub Compact front derailleur to go with the recently introduced Ultegra RX rear derailleur.

    • Waiting for a 24mm axle shimano 28-42, 47.5mm CL road crank but it won’t happen. They’ll screw it up somehow in the name of optimisation. Rings will be too big or CL will be 43mm. Stupid BCD I could cope with though.

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