One of the fastest growing categories of tire size, 2.6″ is quickly gaining a lot of fans. The tires offer more control and traction than smaller tires, yet they’re not quite as squishy and slow as full size plus tires. While there is probably a place for all of the sizes, with more bikes leaning towards this middle size, brands like Terrene have taken notice. As a result, Terrene has an all new version of the Chunk – one that is precisely 2.6″ wide.


Terrene Chunk gets chunkier with redesigned 27.5 & 29 x 2.6" tires

Compared to the original, the new chunkier Chunk has larger cornering blocks and center knobs for increased control, and shorter transition time between the center to the edge for increased confidence. Terrene’s tire designer Anders Broste describes it as, “From a design
standpoint I wanted to make the transition time from center to edge shorter and give more support to the outer edges by increasing the block size and support to give confidence in cornering at speed. The center knobs were also beefed up to increase braking and

Terrene Chunk gets chunkier with redesigned 27.5 & 29 x 2.6" tires

Available in both Light and Tough casings, the Light tires use an ultralight 120tpi casing while the Tough use a 60tpi TekShield casing for increased durability. Weights aren’t yet available, but pricing is set at $75 per tire. Both the 27.5 and 29 x 2.6″ tires are available through a pre-order on Terrene’s site, with tires expected to ship by early May.


  1. I have Terrene tires on two bikes (Honali and Elwood), really like them. My disappointment is that there is no company behind the tires, never a response to any communication. I won’t be buying them again unfortunately.

      • I thought in all fairness I should update my comment above, I believe an earlier communication or two may have been missed as this was early on when Terrene was releasing their initial tires to market.

        Regarding the tires I recently purchased a 2nd set of Elwoods – moving from the light version to the tough version, so yes I like them.

        If there is a Elwood V2 in the works I would be up for a bit more bite in the mid-channel area between center stripe and large side knobs.

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