Mavic mixed surface road riding range just got a lot deeper with five new gravel bike wheelsets in the Allroad family to satisfy all budgets, braking options & a couple of wheel sizes. We can also now slap some 40mm wide Yksion Allroad XL tires to the newest UST tubeless wheels, and leave the asphalt behind.

Mavic Allroad UST tubeless gravel road wheels

The new Allroad wheel family is about bringing versatility to mixed surface paved, dirt and gravel road riding. With five wheelset options across three price points, Mavic is hoping to have a little something for everyone.

courtesy Mavic, riding photos by Jeremie Reuiller

All of the wheels are UST tubeless for the most secure & reliable method of leaving tubes and puncture behind.

Allroad Pro UST Disc alloy gravel bike wheels

The top end Allroad Pro UST Disc comes in at $1100/1000€, with a 22mm internal width and hookless profile designed to offer wide support for 28-45mm wide tires. These premium aluminum wheels use Mavic’s ISM4D machining that cuts away all of the excess material away from the 21mm deep rim, while leaving reinforcing around the spoke holes and at the bead. They also get bladed aero Zircal alloy spokes to save weight (20 front, 24 rear), with their nipples threaded directly into the reinforced rim. That gets down to a claimed 1610g for the complete wheelset.

The wheels use an adaptable hub design that can be converted to work with either 12 or 15mm front axles and all manner of 12mm axles out back, 6-bolt or centerlock, and even an XD-R driver available. Like all of the Mavic’s tubeless system wheels, these include a set of Yksion Allroad tires. Pick the current 30 or 35mm versions, or the newest 40mm XL with its more open tread design

Allroad Elite UST Disc alloy gravel bike wheels

Coming down to a $800/750€ price point, the Allroad Elite UST wheels share much of the same tech as the Pros. They get the same 22mm wide rim, again ISM4D machined down to save weight and with nipples threaded directly into it, but now with conventional bladed stainless steel spokes. The modular hubs are again the same, yielding a total wheelset weight of 1720g.

Allroad Elite UST rim brake alloy gravel bike wheels

If you still a rocking rim brakes, Mavic has a version of the same wheels with a machined rim braking surface that will sell for the same price, with standard quick release hubs.

Allroad Elite Road+ alloy gravel bike wheels

Going the other direction if you have adopted 650+ wheels for your mixed surface road riding, Mavic has you covered there too. The Allroad Elite Road+ keeps UST tubeless certification, ISM4D machining, steel spokes, and the modular disc brake hubs. But now you get a 25mm wide rim designed for 650B or 27.5″, and a wheelset weight of 1740g.

The Allroad Elite Road+ wheels target 45mm wide tires for the same outer diameter as 700×30 but with more volume, more comfort, and improved control. At just $800/700€, the Allroad Elite Road+ wheels don’t yet come with a Yksion Allroad tire, as Mavic doesn’t have any ready for the wheels yet.

Allroad UST alloy gravel bike wheels

At the entry-level Mavic’s Allroad UST offers a solid value for disc brake gravel bike wheels. For just $300/250€ you don’t get a set of tires, and you won’t get an overly light wheelset, but you still get UST tubeless. At a claimed 1890g, the wheels still deliver a 22mm wide profile, modular disc brake hubs for almost every thru-axle or QR standard, plus a quick engaging freehub. The rims use a sleeved joint, round stainless spokes & traditional nipples.

40mm Yksion Allroad XL UST tubeless tire

Back on the tire front, the new Yksion Allroad XL offers a lot more bite than its previous 30 & 35mm Yksion Allroad siblings. The new XL is of course UST certified for a safe and quick tubeless setup, but now offers a thicker rubber throughout its tread for better protection through rough and rocky riding.

The 40mm wide XL uses a directional, connected arrow tread pattern based off the more narrow tires, but offers wide and deep grooves to get debris out of the way and to claw for more grip in loose & wet conditions. The $79/59€ XL tire can be bought alone or paired with the Pro & Elite 700c wheels. Mavic quotes it at a 450g weight and recommends running it with 40g of sealant.

30mm & 35mm Yksion Allroad UST tubeless tires

The more narrow Yksion Allroad UST tires keep a slick center section with grooved shoulders for riding on less technical or loose terrain, and faster rolling on paved sections of road. They use a thinner rubber tread and thinner overall casing as well. At 330g in 30mm and 395g in 35mm, Mavic says these $79/59€ tubeless tires should be set up with 35g of sealant for most mixed surface riding.

Mavic even gives pleasantly realistic ideal pressure ratings for the tires, saying their ideal performance is based around 58psi for the 30mm, 51psi for the 35mm, and 43psi for the 40mm tires set up tubeless on their Allroad wheels.

Mavic Allroad apparel

At the same time as debuting the new wheels and tires, Mavic has several new pieces of Allroad clothing to offer. The idea is a relaxed, gravel-friendly look that doesn’t stand out off the bike. Included are an Allroad fitted pair of baggy shorts, a matching jersey, the Allroad Thermo Long Sleeve Jersey & Insulated Vest.

Plus, the interesting looking new lightweight 250€ lace-up Allroad Pro Shoe, made from a new woven mix of carbon & aramid (think: Kevlar) fibers, with a carbon composite MTB sole & claimed weight of 275g per shoe.


  1. Still too narrow. 😀

    Road: 21C with 25mm tires (for very fast riders 23mm tire on front)
    Mixed: 25C with 28mm tires
    Gravel: 28C+ with 35mm+ tires

  2. Did ETRTO finally update their rim width/tire width ratio requirements, or did Mavic finally stop rigidly adhering to them?

  3. The wheels might be fine and good, but no one wants these tires. The fact that they are coming with their tires makes them less appealing, not more.

  4. Why they should pairing it with their tires?!! Argh!
    It is okay with specific spoke and hub. But with specific tire???

    And that internal width should go wider for 40c gravel tire!

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