We first spotted the Urwhan bikes commuter concept in Vienna about 18 months ago. Now the company is ramping up production capacity, and offering a limited edition of just 25 bikes for pre-order via Kickstarter. Be the only kid on your block commuting on a personalized seattube-free, belt-drive, internally geared hub, internet-connected steel city bike.

Urwahn steel no-seattube commuter bike

Based in Saxon Germany, the Urwahn project has been steadily progressing since we last caught up with them. That last bike we detailed was essentially the 2nd generation, while the ready-for-production bike is the 5th generation.

What’s new in with the updated bike?

Integrated design is still the buzzword, and the new version retains the smooth styling as before, low maintenance belt-drive setup, and neatly integrated commuter lighting on the high-end model. The new bike features updated tube shaping – specifically redesigned and optimized investment cast tube joints (reversed lugs) – and now offers more modern and sleek LED lighting integration with a daytime running function powered by a SON Schmidt dynamo front hub and a plugless setup of the front wheel.

courtesy Urwahn

The new premium Stadtfuchs version of the bike also adds integration of a GPS-based anti-theft tracking and navigation technology also powered by the dynamo. Paired with a new Urwahn app for Android, iOS & even Windows Phones, users can ride & track their bikes wherever they go. The Urwahn app’s GSM connected functionality offers free bike tracking for the first year, after which it will run you 3€ per month.

Tech details

The Urwahn frames are a mixture of welded and brazed from chromoly steel, with the core tech share throughout all models. They feature an eccentric bottom bracket to tension the belt-drive setup, with a split driveside seatstay to get the belt in place, and flat mount disc brakes integrated into the strut-reinforced, quick release/bolt-on axle rear end.

The Urwahn bikes also use an integrated wedge style seatpost clamp, accessible from the top of the seat cluster, and get internal cable routing for shifting & braking controls. The bikes all include braze-ons to mount a set of full-coverage fenders, or even a standard rear rack or low-rider front racks.

Seeing as they are urban commuting bikes stripped back to the essentials, Urwahn has also opted to secure the saddle, seatpost, handlebar & both wheels with Hexlox security bolts.

Models, pricing & delivery

The Stadtfuchs is the ideal flat-bar urban commuter build of the Urwahn pair. It gets built up with a 11-speed Alfine rear hub powered by the Gates Carbon drive, Magura MT4 disc brakes, and a Brooks Cambium saddle & matching grips. Claimed weight for the Stadtfuchs is 11.3kg with complete bikes available for pre-order now starting at 3150€.

The Platzhirsch is a bit more of a simplified, purist urban build, minus the integrated lighting and GPS tracking. It still gets two gears out back with a Sturmey Archer kickshift hub. The drivetrain is still a Gates Carbon drive, with the Brooks Cambium saddle and same Conti tires, but it opts for Tektro hydraulic brakes instead. Claimed weight for this one is 9.7kg, with early bird backing prices starting from 2080€.

A standalone frameset (again minus the integrated electronics, like the Platzhirsch) with the carbon fork is available for 1750€ in the Urwahn’s three stock sizes (S-L) and in either Asphalt black or Stealth Grey. Even with the unique design without a traditional seattube, the Urwahn bikes are rated for riders up to 110kg.

The Urwahn bikes will be manufactured and assembled in Germany, and are shipped direct to consumer where you’ll just have to pop on and adjust your bar, saddler, pedals & front wheel. Full serial production of the bikes is expected to start in summer 2018, with delivery to Kickstarter backer pre-orders slated for December 2018.



    • luddite on

      I imagine its special functionality is that you can stand on the pedals and flex the frame so much the belt buzzes the tire.

    • Sebastian on

      Hi JBikes,

      we build this CrMo steel frame in distance to the traditional frame structures in favor of a more puristic overall appearance by getting more comfortable riding qualities. As a result of this composition we`ve got a special suspension of the tail. In this part we we can redirect the forces and can compensate the weight of the driver and the bumps of the streets. So we generating a completly new riding experience, which is approved and tested by generally recognized testing institutes.

      For more informations please check our website: http://www.urwahnbikes.com

      Best regards

  1. Crash Bandicoot on

    jeez must be doing it wrong I’m commuting on a $95 Fuji frame with mix and match Shimano principally because commuter bikes get stolen frequently seems like a big reach price wise for a bike that’s getting locked up outside for extended periods of time.

    • JBikes on

      I use to park my commuter in a gated underground garage for my building, so I never really worried about theft. Any lock would do. So I could see that market. But, most bikes (including mine) were still “cheap” commuters/tourers that could go anywhere or nice road/cross bikes. The nicer bikes were definitely that “I’ll take the nice bike out today” as they weren’t always there.

      Anyway, never worry about what others spend their money on as long as you are backing them. And a company will fold if their target market isn’t there with no impact to you (unless you bought it and need support)


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