It wasn’t all that long ago that Vista Outdoor bought the Bell, Giro, and Blackburn brands as a package deal in 2016. Now, Vista Outdoor has announced that they plan to undergo a “strategic business transformation” which may include the sale of those same Bell, Giro, and Blackburn brands.

After the most recent mass school shooting in Florida, Vista Outdoor’s ties to the NRA and the fact that supposedly more than 50% of their business is derived from the sale of firearms and ammunition caused a public fallout that included a consumer boycott and suspended orders from REI and MEC. While the press release says nothing about the controversy surrounding the Vista Outdoor parent company, it would be hard to imagine that it didn’t at least play a small part in the decision.

Vista Outdoor says that they will refocus on product categories that are more in line with their company’s core and will “focus on achieving growth through its market-leading brands in ammunition, hunting and shooting accessories, hydration bottles and packs, and outdoor cooking products.” That sentence makes it sound like CamelBak and Camp Chef aren’t going anywhere, but that makes sense given CamelBak’s military business, and both brands’ general appeal to outdoor enthusiasts.

As for brands like Bell, Giro, Blackburn, Jimmy Styks paddle board, and Savage and Stevens firearms? Vista Outdoor says that they will “explore strategic options” for the brands, and that while the portfolio reshaping will begin immediately, they plan to have their plan executed by the end of fiscal 2020.


  1. This is great news! Perhaps the new owners will do a better job as well as not being entangled in the bizarre american gun fetish.

  2. As pointless as some people make out it is, I will continue to not buy these products until the cycle related companies really are sold.

  3. Want to hurt the sport of cycling? Entangle it with politics is one fast way to do it. Look at the Nfl and other thriving [industries] that have been forced or interjected into politics – they have suffered big time. I don’t care what side [you’re] on, if your [you’re] or wrong, cycling is relaxing, fun and an escape from the normal bs of the world. Don’t help ruin it

    • Really it is Vista that choose to tangle it with politics, not The cycling press just help us shop with a conscience we can live/ride with.

      • Agreed. It’s Vista that spent their money on NRA lobying and funding, And when they take the profit from my helmet purchase to do so, I sure as shit ain’t happy. That wasn’t what I signed up for when I got my Xen, or my Aspect.

  4. I’m so sick of virtue signalling by these weak lib[deleted], we know you’re scared. Vista- maybe stop sending your products out in individual boxes and destroying our planet. That would actually help our world.

  5. I’M BOYCOTTING THE BOYCOTTERS! But my post won’t be making the page. This site is anti-gun. Ok to call gun owners fetishists but not cool to support our constitution. This site is pro mail order and anti bike shop. BIKERUMOR sucks.

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