Video Review: Rotor Uno Hydraulic Groupset paired with Allied Cycle Works Alfa Allroad!

The Spanish made Rotor Uno groupset is the first all-hydraulic groupset intended for the road / gravel market. It is a huge departure from the norms of mechanical and electronic shifting we see in the current day.

The Allied Cycle Works Alfa Allroad is hand-made in Little Rock, Arkansas. Constructed from carbon fiber using a monocoque technique, this beautiful all road bicycle is super light and looks the business.

The Allied Alfa Allroad and Rotor Uno groupset was ridden, raced and reviewed during a three-month period, mostly in the South Eastern United States. For those curious, the bike weighs approximately 17.2lbs with the components shown in the video plus Panaracer Gravelking SK tyres.

Rotor Bike

Allied Cycle Works

Video by Gravel Cyclist. Jayson O’Mahoney is the Gravel Cyclist: A website about the Gravel Cycling Experience.


  1. That Rotor gruppo is pretty intriguing. I’ve shifted it a bit when NAHBS came through two years ago and it felt pretty on-par with SRAM Red and Shimano Ultegra in terms of speed and smoothness. Now I just have to make a lot more money…

  2. I love the concept of this group set and would love to try one out. No cable wear. No real cable routing worries. Essentially a set and forget system with no need to charge. But its very expensive, at least here in the US, compared to something like Ultegra Di2 which, though needing to be charged, is a known entity. I wish Rotor luck and hope prices can drop a little

    • I’ve been riding it since February. You can’t really compare it to Ultegra, it was designed to compete with with Red, Dura Ace, and Super Record. It’s lighter than any of those group sets, everything is either carbon or cnc machined aluminum and it’s priced very similar.

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