The next time you go for a ride, don’t feel like you need to leave your banana(s) at home. After hearing of a friend’s difficulties in transporting bananas on her longer rides, designer Frankfalco decided to offer his help. Drawing on his graphic and product designing background, Francfalco created the BaNannaBotCage – a 3D printable file to create the ultimate banana transport transportation for your bike.

Print your own BaNannaBotCage to cradle your banana and your bottle

Print your own BaNannaBotCage to cradle your banana and your bottle Print your own BaNannaBotCage to cradle your banana and your bottle

If you’re the type that struggles to carry your bananas without smashing them or would prefer an alternative to throwing them in a bag, or even taping to the frame – you’re in luck. Well, as long as you have access to a 3D printer with a 150 x 150 x 150 build area that can print in durable materials. The file created by Francfalco is essentially a standard bottle cage with two banana cages grafted onto the top. While the original version 1 was joined at the center, V3 splits the two sides for better fitment of various bottle shapes and sizes. And while V1 was designed to carry bananas that were a bit more petite, V2 was created to fit larger fruits.

Notes on the build include the need to print at 0.2 or finer with high infill for strength, and no supports or raft needed. We’re not 3D printing experts, so if you have any questions, you should jump on Thingverse to ask Francfalco yourself!




  1. Can I carry Plantains as well?

    What about Non-GMO, Organic, Fair Trade ‘Nanners?

    Is that cage made from BPA free plastic?

    What other fruit options are available? Anything in the works for a kumquat, tangelos, or papaya?

  2. This and bananas should be banned in sanctioned racing. 3 of the biggest field crashes I’ve ever been caught in we’re guys trying to eat a damn banana in he middle of the pack on a 35 mile cat 5 road race.

  3. Printed one. It crushes the bananas and they go bad while in the cage. Really digs into them and damages. Would not recommend. Swat bib all day.

  4. too bad this is plastic and not made of copper and twine. It would be the perfect accompaniment to a dangling Ti mug on my next dirt road tour where I wear flip-flops and leg warmers and 80’s Oakley blades.

  5. I feel like they missed an opportunity here. Why not carry a couple of oranges with your banana? Put them at the base of the bottle to keep the center of gravity low.

    Call it the fruit hammock. If you crash in a Cat 5 race, you just tossed your fruit salad!

  6. jokes and “need” aside. At least he is not attempting to sell this and giving anyone who would want something like this the ability to make themselves if they have the means.

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